Thursday, December 14, 2006

ThePeach's Random Life Happenings

Nothing major has happened to me recently, but several minor humorous events took place. I shall now list them for you:

1. You Know, Keeping Your Shape in Shape has its Rewards
AsianCymbals sent me THIS link. I almost died. I don’t even know what I can possibly say about it, since the commercial really says it all.

Now my wish to be my age in 60s/70s isn’t as strong. Because, although I do wish to have a nice shape, I don’t know if I could be a mind-sticker.

2. I Made a New Friend
TheCrip and I went out for wings and booze on Tuesday. A couple of his guy friends were there, and we joined their table. I should preface this story with the fact that I was wearing a Senators t-shirt during a Leafs game. I’m awesome that way. Anyway, TheCrip goes to introduce me to one of the burly mens, and here is how that went:

TheCrip: Peach, this is BurlyMens.
ThePeach: *sticks out hand* Hi.
BurlyMens: I won’t touch her fucking hand as long as she’s wearing that fucking shirt. *slams back a beer*
ThePeach: *sits down* Why? Can’t stand that we’re the better team?
BurlyMens: If you weren’t a chick I would punch you in the face right now.
ThePeach: I get that a lot. So, my name is ThePeach.
BurlyMens: My ex-girlfriend’s name is ThePeach. Now I want to stab you in the throat.
ThePeach: Awesome.

After a few drinks and some racial jokes, BurlyMens started warming up to me.

BurlyMens: So, what do you do for a living?
ThePeach: I work at the University. My boss wants to rape me but they pay me to sit on my ass all day, so it evens out.
BurlyMens: Dude, I can’t believe you just dropped a rape-bomb! You hardly know me!!
ThePeach: You introduced yourself as wanting to stab me in the neck.
BurlyMens: It’s still true.

3. TheBoss Made Me Uncomfortable
We had our work “non-denominational festive party” this week. It was at TheBoss’ house. He picked a night when he wife was out of town to hold the party. Awesome. There were about 8 of us there, and here are some of the things he said during the party:

TheBoss: So, you know when you use a bar of soap in the shower and it gets really tiny and thin when it’s almost gone? So you press all of the little soap slivers together into one slightly larger soap sliver?
TheBoss: If I use that sliver to wash my ass, it will go straight up my asshole!
ThePeach: oh god.

Co-worker: So, I used to be a drama major. Once we did this really cool exercise where we had to act with paper bags over our heads and-
TheBoss: I like it when girls have bags over their heads. You don’t need to see their face. Not in the sack.
ThePeach: oh god.

TheBoss’Kid (6 years old): Wanna see me do my exercises???!!!!
ThePeach: Sure, child.
TheBoss’Kid: *goes through series of situps, pushups, and jumping jacks*
ThePeach: Very nice, child.
TheBoss’Kid: *gets on all fours and starts thrusting his pelvis towards the floor*
TheBoss: Heh, ya. He caught me doing that to TheWife once and I told him it was an exercise.
ThePeach: oh god.

So, that was the work party. Merry Christmas!

4. My Dad Hurt My Feelings
I talk to my dad on the phone about once a week. He usually asks about my love-life, which I can handle. But this I could not handle:

Peach-Dad: So, how’s the love-life?
ThePeach: Uneventful, Dad.
Peach-Dad: Really? Why don’t you just get married, already?
ThePeach: Because I don’t think it would be very romantic when I have to drag a street-hobo down the aisle and pay him in used needles to marry me.
Peach-Dad: Well…that’s ok. I think you’re just going to be one of those girls that never gets married. You’ll just be one of the types that stay single forever. Alone.
ThePeach: I have a cat.
Peach-Dad: He’ll die eventually.
ThePeach: *sniffle*

5. My Kitten Gives Me Mixed Messages

Here is what I go through every single day when I get home from work. The kitten has been alone in the apartment for about 6-7 hours at this point.

*warning* some of you may be shocked and appalled to learn that I talk to the kitten in a disgusting baby-voice that makes me hate my own being. I apologize for this.

ThePeach: *opens door* Hewwo?? Where is de kitten??
Milo: *trots up to ThePeach with wide eyes and an adorable shiver of excitement*
ThePeach: Dere he is!! Dere he is!! I missed my kitten!!
Milo: *audible purring. Starts trying to climb ThePeach’s legs*
ThePeach: OHHH what a good kitten! What a good kitten! *Picks up Milo*
Milo: *purrs loudly enough to shake his own body. Pats ThePeach’s face with his paws and rubs his own face into her neck. Starts licking her cheeks with his little raspy tongue*
ThePeach: I missed de kitten, too! GOOD WITTLE BOY!! GOOD WITTLE BOY!!!!
Milo: *continues licking and purring*
ThePeach: OHHH MY WITTLE GUY IS SO CUTE! AND – hey, did your ears just get pointier?
Milo: *eye twitch*
ThePeach: Did your pupils just dilate? Why is your tail whacking me in the back of the head? WITTLE GUY!! YOU’RE STILL CUTE!!
Milo: *clamps onto ThePeach’s face with his teeth. Doesn’t let go. Continues to purr loudly*
Milo: BITE THIS, MULLLAFUCKA!!! *sticks pointy teeth into ThePeach’s wrist veins. Starts batting at ThePeach’s arm with his claws. Continues to purr loudly*
ThePeach: Motherfuck!! Why don’t you love me???!!!
Milo: By the way, I pood on the bath-mat today.
ThePeach: *sob*

So, I think that pretty much covers my week so far. It was pretty par for the course.

He wants you with a good shape…shape with Tab!


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Proof That Jesus Hates ThePeach

Oh, for fuck sakes…

Why do these things always happen to me?!

So, last night was fun. TheHippie came to visit and we got drunk and watched Mean Girls with TheCrip. Then TheHubby came home and we all smoked the bong and watched Almost Famous. This, of course, led me into several of my well-known pot-rants:

1. The 70s were awesome. We should have been our age in the 70s so that we could all be on acid and Quaaludes all the time. And we could sway to the music while we were high on these beautiful drugs. And TheHippie would have a big shagalicious van that we could travel the country in. And we could grow our hair to luxurious lengths and experiment sexually.

2. I would like to have been a groupie. I would have very much enjoyed traveling the country with hot rockers and servicing them sexually as I’m high on an endless supply of acid and Quaaludes. That would have been the perfect job for me!!!

3. Kate Hudson is so adorable that I would consider going dyke just to be with her. Even though she wears incredibly high-waisted jeans in the movie. Speaking of which, isn’t fashion fucked?

4. Fashion is fucked. It really is. Do you ever think about how bizarre it is that we put so much effort into our appearance based on what society tells us is attractive at the time? Fucking society. And isn’t it fucked how much fashion changes through the years? Look at those high-waisted jeans and knit tops…that was hot in the 70s. Now it is no longer hot. Fashion, man…it’s fucked.

5. You know what else changes throughout the years and is fucked? Music, man. Music is fucked. Look at how much it changes. I mean, hundreds of years ago we listened to fucking Gregorian Chant for fun. Then we had rock and now we have hip-hop? It’s all so fucked.

After the movie, TheHubby and I slow-danced in the kitchen to “Tiny Dancer”, which I was singing despite the fact that I don’t know any of the words:

ThePeach: Ballerina!! You must have seeeen her…dancing in the…land
TheHubby: Oh my god, we’re so in love!
ThePeach: Bluuuuue jean baby…L.A…crazy…
TheHubby: We’re so in love and the whole world knows it!
TheHubby: We’re the cutest couple ever because we slow-dance to music of our own making!
TheHubby: My skin is itchy.

So, around 2 I started to crash bad. I was drunk and high and minutes from passing out. People were starting to scare me and I could feel the ‘noids coming on something fierce. I needed to be in my bed, stat.

So we decided to call a cab. It would be the fastest way to home and safety.

TheHippie, TheCrip and I crawled into the backseat of the cab when it arrived and breathed a sigh of relief. Home was but a quick cab ride away.

The car pulled into the street and very slowly made its way south. The car started getting slower. And slower. We were almost at a stand-still. We all assumed this was happening inside our heads and not in reality. All of us but the cabbie, who started swearing in French. We turned the corner, the car sputtered, and stopped.

Cabbie: Zut! Tabernac! Shit!
TheCrip: zzzzzz
ThePeach: Why…why god…?
Cabbie: I ran out of gas. Shit!
TheCrip: zzzzzz
ThePeach: Why god…why do these things always happen to me…when I’m high?
Cabbie: SHIT!

Yes, my car to safety, the vehicle that was supposed to deliver me from the ‘noids, ran out of gas. Of course. Of course.

The cabbie sat there all puzzled and the 3 of us sat in the back seat freaking out, high as motherfuckers.

Cabbie: Shit!
ThePeach: *whispers* oh god, we’re all going to die.
TheHippie: *whispers* We are. We really are.
TheCrip: I…wanna…be…in bed.
Cabbie: Maybe I’ll try the engine one more time…
ThePeach: *whispers* we’re going to die out here, and then he will rape us all.
TheHippie: *whispers* I don’t want to be raped!
TheCrip: Why…why…
Cabbie: Hey, maybe there’s enough gas to do this after all…

No, French cabbie. There was not enough gas to get us home. There was only enough gas to drive, slowly, into the middle of a busy intersection and then stall for good in the path of oncoming traffic. That was the final straw for the ‘noids.

TheHippie: *gripping tightly onto the Peach* OH GOD WE’RE GOING TO BE HIT BY MULTIPLE CARS AND DIE!
ThePeach: *sob* I HATE YOU, JESUS!
TheCrip: We could just get out of the cab, you know.

TheCrip eventually left the safety of the cab to push us out of the intersection as the cabbie steered us to the curb. TheCrip should get a medal for that. The cabbie should not.

Another cab came and we got into that and were safely delivered to our homes and beds and, for some of us, angry kittens.

Why can’t anything ever happen normally for me? Of course my fucking cab runs out of gas in the middle of an intersection when I’m high as all sweet Christ. Of course it does. This is proof that Jesus hates me.

But, when Jesus makes your cab stall in an intersection when you’re high, the next day he gives you a hobo santa, midget, and one-armed cripple to make up for it.


Only in UniversityTown...

...would this be a normal occurance.

I was walking from my house to meet TheHippie at the discount department store downtown. We wanted to look at discount department store winter boots. I knew they would be cheap and that every coked-out baby-momma in town would be sporting the same pair, but I didn't care. I'm a townie now.

Anyway, as I turned off my street to walk down the busy downtown street, I witnessed the following at the intersection:

1. A homeless person dressed as santa, ranting incoherently at the passer-bys and scaring the children.
2. A midget (it might have been a dwarf. It was wearing a long coat) darting across the street.
3. The one-armed cripple zooming down the sidewalk on his scooter, orange flags flowing in the wind majestically.

Drunk hobo Santa, a scurrying midget, and the one-armed cripple all at once!!? It's everything I wanted for Christmas!! I WAS good!!

Thank you, Santa. And thank you, Universitytown.


Monday, December 04, 2006

ThePeach has a Girl's Night Out

Here is how my girl's night out ended on Friday around 4am. That is me passed out on TheCrazy's ass. TheCrazy is also passed out. That is permanent marker on her back. That is my hand-writing. Yes, that does say "cum dumpster". That is my sense of humor when I'm drunk.

That is CockDoc's camera. I don't want to know what else is on there...


It’s Raining Inappropriate and Sexually Suggestive Mens (Halleluiah?)

You know the expression “when it rains it pours”? Well, in ThePeach’s life, when it rains it fucking hail-storms/floods cities/causes Katrina-esque damage (is it too soon to allude to Katrina? Fuck it – I’m starting the trend, bitches).

It had been a relatively dry couple of weeks, mens-wise. School had shit all over me and I spent the next little while trying to desperately keep afloat of the feces. I’m still barely keeping my head above the poo, but I’ve accomplished enough that I can finally update my fucking blog. This means that all of you can stop fucking harassing me now. TheCrip/TigerCat/TheNurse: you especially. TheCrip: you most especially. No, I will not get chicken wings with you just because you miss having the sex with TheHippie!! I have work to do so BACK OFF!!! (I still love you and I promise I’ll send you those tapes of TheHippie and I making tender love to each other someday soon).

Right. So, my point is that my trampage was put on hiatus. Also, I have a lot of personal shit going down and I’ve been hiding in my apartment to avoid dealing with my life. Don’t worry, I’ve been having a lot of fun eating zoodles out of the can and talking to the cat. It’s been awesome.

Anyway, today – within a 1 hour span – I received 2 suggestive emails/messages from mens. Not just any mens, either: mens that are unfortunately extremely inappropriate for me to date/bang.

Let’s start with Mens1:

Pros: Cute, funny, nice, seems to think I’m cool (which implies that he’s fucked in the head. Which turns me on.)

Inappropriate: Works in my lab. Office banging = no-no. I am his superior. He is 3 years younger than me. I am his elder. Also, he is a fire-crotch and we all know my rules about that (CoorsLight was a fire-crotch. He was also an alcoholic, but apparently I let that rule slip!).

We are kind of buddy-buddy, and then today he sent me this message on facebook (copied word for word, I shit you not):

Subject: The Best Date of Your Life
Hey Peach,

I called Chuckey Cheese, and they said that they don't have the resources on hand to give you the meal that I asked them to provide for our date until between Christmas and New Years, so we'll have to wait for Caviar chez Chuckey.The whole thing got me to thinking though, i mean, sure, we could wait for the date, but what if a police officer met you, then i'm screwed right? I mean, i only have the construction worker and the Native American costumes, so i'd be at a severe disadvantage here. I came to the conclusion in the end that i need to snap you up before a cop does though.

So then i thought, hey, why not have Peach come over to residence. I've got a super firm single bed, and that's what all women really want, so i could have you over, show off my digs, maybe get someone in trouble with my don power to make you a bit weak in the knees. Of course the key to the whole plan is that you'll be far from home, so when it gets dark and cold you won't want to go home cause it's so far, so i'll graciously offer to cuddle with you, and that'll be the end of it once you see me in my sleeping shorts (they're shiny).

The best added perk about the residence date though, is that there's a TV room to watch movies that no one uses, so you end up with a projection TV, the worlds best couch, and sometimes a chocolate bar. And of course me. Sometimes i even wear whipped cream for desert. It might be a stretch for the first date, but i could be convinced. I guess it all depends what you wear when you come over and how much you're flashing the twins around and trying to aggressively make out during the slow scenes in the movie.

give it some thought, let me mom says i'm special and unique, so if you pass this up you'll never get a chance like it again.


Ya…Ya. Not too sure how to handle this one. I laughed a lot (good laughing, not evil bitch laughing) when I received this message – so much so that I believe the janitors in my building now think I do meth in the afternoons. Which means they’re going to start knocking on my door and asking to borrow my pipe because their parole officers confiscated theirs.

I’m quite tempted to say ‘yes’ to his night of whipped cream body-suits and twin-flashing, but it would be wrong. Dirty wrong…

ThePeach’sBeast: I like dirty-wrong.
ThePeach’sMorales: …*crickets chirping*
ThePeach’sBeast: I like dirty-wrong.
ThePeach: Shit.

No, definitely wrong. I work with him and I usually like to kick mens out in the morning, not discuss statistics and photocopy surveys together (yes, these are some of the things I do at work when I actually work. Although usually I just spin in my chair and eat timbits. But I don’t like to do that with my man-meats either).

Conclusions: Inappropriate and wrong. Dirty wrong…. No, just wrong.

(dear Mens1: if you read my blog, I apologize for posting your message. I’m a whore that way. But I only posted it because I find you so hilarious. Good Hilarious. Dirty hilarious…shit, no. Fucking beast.)


As I was reading the message from Mens1 and urinating myself in laughter, I received an email from Mens2.

Pros: Cute, funny, smart, nice, bang-able.

Inappropriate: Goes to my gym. He’s a secret gym-admirer. I don’t want to bang someone who has watched me limp my way through a painfully slow 4 km run and then pass out afterwards in a pool of my own sweat. It’s not hot. Equally important: do not want to run into someone I made dirty with post-coitally at the gym. I don’t need another reason to avoid going, for fuck’s sakes! I already have: FauxHawk, school, rain, tv, my uterus…just to name a few.

Anyway, he has my e-mail address (what can I say? I’m fucking adorable and mens ask for my contact info) and here is the e-mail he sent me today (para-phrased):


Nice seeing you at the gym. Sorry if I couldn’t stop staring at your jugs while you were on the treadmill; green is your colour!



Well, I can’t fault the guy for staring at my hypnotizing wrack as I bounce along on the treadmill. Why do you think I run in front of the mirrors? To stare at my beautiful wrack, that’s why! And green really is my colour.

But no, banging someone who I am guaranteed to see on a regular basis afterwards would be awkward and messy. Bad messy.

ThePeach’sBeast: He likes your jugs.
ThePeach’sPracticality: …*wind whistling*…
ThePeach’sBeast: He likes your jugs.
ThePeach: Shit.

Conclusion: Too awkward!! Too messy!! Hot messy…NO. Messy messy.

So, that was my day. When it rains it pours inappropriate sexually suggestive men. The beast needs to be fed. I am thinking with my brain instead of my good-girl. For now.

Fucking beast.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Afternoon Sucks, Too

I just licked 40 large envelopes. I lost my glue-stick, my usual envelope-sealing weapon of choice. I just licked 40 fucking envelopes.

Ow, my brain-stem.

I have this sudden urge to drink shoe-polish and move up north...


ThePeach Fucking Hates Morning

I am a crank-skank bitch this morning. I fucking hate morning.

It was an early day today, which began hours before my alarm went off with the kitten jumping spastically on my stomach. Remembering the mouse incident, I immediately shot out of bed and hit the lights to see what in the name of holy Christ the kitten had killed now.

He was attacking a small piece of white plastic. Curious. I threw the plastic in the garbage to prevent the kitten from choking to death (fucker will eat anything), and the kitten responded to this by latching onto my wrist-veins with his pointy devil-teeth. I shook him off and crawled back into bed. The pissed-off kitten arched through the air and landed on my forehead/temple/brain. I cocooned myself beneath 2 layers of blankets to protect my flesh and managed to fall back asleep with the kitten grunting and pacing my bed, looking for any exposed skin to destroy.

When I got into the shower a few hours later, I realized where the piece of white-plastic had come from as I noticed yet another shredded hole in my shower curtain the size of a small kitten-mouth.

I had an 8:30 class today, but prior to that I had to meet some work-men who were coming to my apartment to patch up the hole in my bathroom wall. The hole had been there when I moved in and was always gnarly and rank, but it had been covered by layers of tape and I had thus been able to ignore it. Until the kitten started eating his way through the tape and crawling around inside the bathroom wall, that is. Knowing that some day he would forget his way back to the outside world and end up pacing and grunting inside the walls until he starved to death, I pressured my landlord to fix the fucking hole. It finally happened at 7:45am this morning. I fucking hate morning.

After letting the work-men into my bathroom, I headed for my motherfucking class. Exhausted and cranky, I was greeted by my bright-eyed, blouse-wearing, stringy-haired English-geek classmate. He asked me if I had started the essay that is due on Friday. I grunted and squinted my eyes in a definitive “fuck no”. He chirped that he had already finished but was having problems working the Freudian symbolism into his conclusion. I looked at him warily through one slitted eye and rubbed my nose in a warm “go to hell, smegma”. He then reminded me that we had another project due next Tuesday in the same class. I sipped my caffeine and then spit the scalding liquid INTO HIS CORNEA. I wish. Fuck.

Once again, my professor incorporated use of the word “Cunt” into our lecture. Cunt at 8:30 am. I’m not a fan. Give me cunt any other time of day and I’m cool. But 8:30am…no. I should mention that the class is “English Literary Criticism”, not “Old British Woman is Fascinated with The Gash”.

After class, I was dazed and exhausted. I immediately craved an egg-unit and my bowels immediately recoiled in horror. WHY?? Why do I crave the egg-unit any time I’m fatigued and disoriented??! I don’t even like the egg-unit!! I definitely don’t like intestinal rot!! I shared my craving with AsianCymbals over msn, and she made me promise that I wouldn’t get one. She keeps me strong, that one. But now I am sitting here and all I can think about is how great it would feel to have a slimy luke-warm egg-unit sliding down my throat, the processed cheese coating my molars with an orange film and the sausage-puck clogging my bowels…

I am sick and I need help.

On the bright side, it is now 11:21 am and in 9 minutes it will become socially acceptable for me to eat lunch. Maybe that will get my mind off egg-units.

I need a nap.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

ThePeach Has a Gong-Show of a Weekend

This weekend was hilarious. Parts were amazing, parts were hysterical, and parts were a swift punch to the box courtesy of the old “vulva 1-2”. It was exactly what I needed…minus the punches to the box.


I skipped work. TheBoss is in Africa. I’m not sure if he licked a frog there or what, but I’d gotten some…um….touchy-feely emails from him over the week. Such as (and I swear to Lucifer that this is copied word-for-word):

Hi ThePeach,

Great to hear from you buddy... yes I climbed a friggin mountain, I have other pics for later. I also almost got mugged at knife point, please do not tell others, I don't want to worry anyone.

I know that these are hard times for you now, but stay busy, go to church, pray to god for some kind of reason for all of this, and then play "feel" by Robbie Williams and listen. I was just listening to it, can give you a lift! Time will tell if you are doing what is right for you (and that is the most important part of this time).

When I get home I want you to come over the house for a Sunday night dinner with my family, we would like that, I am sorry I have not suggested this earlier...

I might go shark cage diving tomorrow before heading back? But the wife said "No way, are you nuts... no way", so I likely won't. Fun thought though.

Have I told you lately how good it has been having you around? Well it is.

Chow for now.



Ya…what the shit was that? Listen to Robbie Williams? Go to church? I’m not sure if he wants to rape me or convert me anymore. Life was simpler when he just called me fat then looked at me with sex-eyes. Maybe he has Malaria…

So anyway, I spent Friday doing laundry, having lunch with TheHubby, and buying booze and double-sided tape for the weekend that lay ahead. All of my school-friends and I were going to a University reunion-dance in the big city that weekend, and it promised to be fantastically sketch. My goals included looking so hot that I made chicks hate me, being so drunk that I accidentally slipped a nip out of my dress, and touching inappropriate men/touching women inappropriately. It was a hefty challenge, but I was up for it.

I headed for the big city with a suitcase full of wine and a backpack full of hope…and wine. Cleavage’s mommy/daddy gave me a ride most of the way there and I took the Go Train the rest. The ugliest, sketchiest guy ever sat beside me the entire trip on the train. He looked like he should be kept underground in some sort of cage. The entire car was empty, yet he sat beside me. He offered me subway tokens, club passes, and his card. Why do I always attract the mole-people?

When I got to the big city I waited for TheCorporate and WeeOne to pick me up outside the train station. I got completely cleared out of change by the 5 homeless people who asked for money while I waited. I can’t say no to hobos. Neither can TheHubby ;)

I was driven to QueenB’s apartment where QueenB, TheHippie, Workahol, and TurkishDelight were bombed off their asses. I was immediately handed a chilled Smirnoff ice. Life was perfect. 10 minutes later I was talking in the throaty voice and saying inappropriate and shocking things to my friends. I love the drink. We talked about boys (ThePeach’s Heart: AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH) and Workahol mentioned that she was interested in a boy who was so hot that he looked like he could be in a Sears Catalogue.

A Sears catalogue. Strange that is where her mind went. Sears. Last time I flipped through a catalogue, the only criteria the models had to meet was to have all their limbs. And some of them wear long pants, so they could be hiding peg-legs. Sears…do you think he’s hot enough to ride the mower in the “gardening” section, or maybe he just sits awkwardly on a sofa in the “home” section?


I woke up feeling like yesterday’s whore, as usual. I was sharing a bed with TheCorporate, but I had to promise her that I wouldn’t try to spoon her first. Frigid prude. Everyone needs some Peach love from time to time…she just doesn’t know it yet.

We went to brunch and then shopped downtown. We went back to QueenB’s apartment to rest before we had to start prepping ourselves for a night of drunken whoring. And then, the phone rang…

TheHippie: Hello?
TheHubby’sSis: Is this TheHippie?
TheHubby’sSis: This is TheHubby’sSis. I just got a collect call from TheHubby, who is on the other line. He’s totally bombed and lost downtown in the big city. He forgets your address and your phone numbers. He doesn’t have a cell. He is wandering the streets trying to find you guys, dragging a suitcase behind him.
QueenB: Tell him that we’ll come find him! Where the fuck is he?
TheHubby’sSis: TheHubby, look around you. What intersection are you closest to?
QueenB: Tell him not to move. We’re coming to find him.

Before we got in the car, we map-quested the intersection he had given us. Not only did the intersection not exist, but the streets he had named (which run parallel to each other) were nowhere fucking near us. And we had no way to reach him. How in the name of sweet gentle Christ had he ended up there? Where the fuck was he? How the fuck would we find him? The only thing we didn’t question was his being shit-faced at 3pm, because that was the one thing that made total sense.

QueenB, TheHippie and I roamed the streets of the big city in TheHippie’s car for the next hour, searching for TheHubby. Do you know how many fucking people there are in the big city on a Saturday afternoon? It was not an easy task to locate him, but we finally spotted him – surly and drunk – sitting on his suitcase on a street corner. We took him to TheCorporate’s apartment. Crisis averted. Time for drinky.

We got dressed. We got bombed. We ordered HoLee Chow’s. I taped my tits into my dress. We cabbed to the dance. And then…karma.

In the 5 years that I have known TheHippie, she has never once not been able to hold her drink. She drinks men twice her size under the table. She is a teeny Irish bundle of pure alcoholic energy. She has taken care of me when I have a) thrown up on bathroom walls, b) thrown up out of the open door of a moving cab, c) passed out in her hotel bathroom, forcing her to pee with me curled up around the toilet. I’m hot.

The night of the dance, I had proclaimed it to be my fabulous trampage coming-out party. That would be the night I no longer got the sads! I would make out with mens! And womens! And be hot and fabulous and maybe take home a rich alumni!

Karma deemed it to be the first night in 5 years that TheHippie couldn’t hold her drink and thus vom’d on my legs.

Oh, TheHippie – I love you so. And I do not hold it against you that you vom’d on my legs on the night of my coming-out party. But brace yourself, because I am now going to recount the details of your drunkenness in embarrassing detail.

About an hour after we got to the dance, TheHippie started getting tippy. Not tipsy – tippy. She literally started falling over. In my brilliance, I decided that some food would sober her up a bit. So I fetched her a plate full of desserts from the buffet. 5 minutes later TheHippie’s face was covered in chocolate and she had smeared chocolate hand-prints all over some guy that she hugged. The girl was seriously up to her elbows in chocolate. I’m not sure how she managed it.

I took her to the bathroom to wash up, and she dunked her head in the sink and then passed out in the chair in the powder room. I couldn’t get her to move. TheCorporate and AsianCymbals came in to check on us and also tried to rouse TheHippie to no avail.

ThePeach: TheHippie…get up. You need to get up or we’re going to get kicked out.
TheHippie: ….give…give…me a minute *smack*
TheCorporate: Do you need to go home?
TheHippie:…give…give me a minute *sigh*
AsianCymbals: Sweetie…you really need to get up now.
TheHippie:…give…give…me a minute *loses control of neck, hits head on counter*
Security: She’s so out of here. Now.
TheHippie:…give…give me a minute *slides out of chair*

Well, she’d been officially kicked out. And as her life-partner, it was my role to go with her. I sent AsianCymbals to get TheHippie’s coat. While my back was turned, TheHippie stumbled into a bathroom stall, locked the door, and passed out on the floor beside the toilet. Awesome.

I was *this* close to having to slide under the door on my knockers, but luckily AsianCymbals’ yelling snapped TheHippie into reality long enough to unlock the door and let me pick her up and put her in her coat. As we were heading out, AsianCymbals gave us a plastic bag in case TheHippie vom’d. I laughed:

ThePeach: Ha! TheHippie has never thrown up in her entire life. Seriously, we don’t need that. She will not be puking. I promise.
AsianCymbals:…ya…take it anyway.

TheHippie and I got driven home by TheCorporate and her room-mate. She nuzzled in my shoulder like a good little drunky. TheCoroporate and her room-mate went to park the car and I took TheHippie into the apartment building. I propped her up in the elevator…

ThePeach: We’re almost there, babe. Just hang on a few more minutes.
Elevator: *floor 1*
TheHippie: uuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhh
ThePeach: Are you ok?
Elevator: *floor 5*
TheHippie: *starts heaving*
ThePeach: Ok hottie, just hang on a few more minutes. Don’t puke. Not in the elevator. We’re so close.
Elevator: *floor 10*
TheHippie: *violent vomit onto ThePeach’s legs*
ThePeach: OH GOD!!!
Elevator: *floor 12*
TheHippie: “violent vomit onto ThePeach’s feet*
ThePeach: OH GOD STOP!!!
Elevator: *floor 15*
TheHippie: *violent vomit all over the elevator floor and walls*
Elevator: *floor 18*
TheHippie: *violent vomit onto self*
Elevator: *floor 20, doors open*

Ya…karma literally vomited on me. Well, I dragged TheHippie into the apartment. It was more like I sprinted down the hall while dragging her behind me. She left a trail of vom in the hall which I would later clean up with paper towels and vinegar. I got her into the bathroom and eventually she stopped the vom-train. She wanted to be left alone, understandably. I went into the hall to start dabbing at the vom when I heard a loud *BANG*! I ran back into the bathroom to find TheHippie passed out in the bathtub, legs open, sans panties.

I don’t know if we’re non-sexual life partners anymore…

I got her into bed and spooned with her until she passed out. I was happy to finally have someone who appreciated my spooning, even if she was unconscious with dried vomit in her hair.


Ate greasy eggs, drove home, went to the bar with TigerCat and CockDoc. Got bombed. Told them my pitiful tale of karma gone wrong.

And then, later…


And no crying this time, ha.

Karma didn’t hate me!!! It was just waiting until Sunday!

Because I am a classy whore, I won’t say who it was. But I will say this: it was good. Great, in fact. And I will be calling for more. Because I have woken up the beast and now it needs to be fed.

Let the trampage begin!


ThePilot Disses ThePeach; ThePeach Forgives But Doesn’t Forget

You all remember my good friend ThePilot. We’ve been friends/jaded soulmates since high school. We’re going to get married some day. Our friendship is based on eternal love for each other and eternal hatred of most other members of the populace. And also on Kraft Dinner and TNG. He lives far away, but we bitch to each other daily via msn. We share everything, no matter how horrifying the details:

ThePeach: Last night I had the kinkiest sex. It was awesome. I’m such a trampy whore.
ThePilot: You are a whore. I had awesome sex last night, too!
ThePeach: Was it administered yourself?
ThePilot: What the fuck do you think?
ThePeach: That’s hot.


ThePeach: ThePilot, I hate my shitty life. I want to curl up in a ball and die in a ditch somewhere. And nobody gets me. *sob*
ThePilot: Are you sad because LOST was put on hiatus until February?
ThePeach: *sob* You always understand.
ThePilot: Here’s a picture of a kitten.
ThePeach: I love you.
ThePilot: What?
ThePeach: Nothing.

My main role in ThePilot’s life is to be his woman-coach. You see, ThePilot has problems with the ladies. For as long as I’ve known him, he falls into the same trap: he meets a sexy lady, falls in love with her, doesn’t tell her, becomes her best friend, and he becomes the person she tells the details of her sex life to while he dies on the inside. This is how we became friends, actually.

It's not that ThePilot isn’t hawt – he is. But he’s the friend. He’s always been the friend. And the friend doesn’t get vagina.

The devastating result of this is a 24-year old virgin. And I have done my fucking best to change this throughout the years, trust me. I have given him step-by-step sexual instructions:

ThePeach: ..and then, you move your tongue in a counter-clockwise motion. She’ll be your sex-slave if you do it right.
ThePilot: Um, I haven’t even talked to this girl yet.
ThePeach: That is not my problem.

I have detailed the behaviours he should present on a date:

ThePeach: Pick up the bill. Hold her hand on the way home. Walk her to her door and kiss her lightly on the lips.
ThePilot: Ok…I can try that.
ThePilot: *sweats*

I have coached him through handfuls of blonde bitches that he falls in love with:

ThePeach: You need to just tell her that you like her.
ThePilot: Before or after I go shopping with her to help her pick out lingerie for her date tonight?
ThePeach: …Jesus Christ we lost her.
ThePilot: *sob*

Basically, I have been privy to every non-sordid detail of ThePilot’s love-life for the past 6 years. And then, yesterday he shattered my world:

ThePilot: So, are you less sad about getting dumped?
ThePeach: Sensitive, ThePilot. Thanks.
ThePilot: No seriously, are you less of a cry-hole?
ThePeach: Fuck you. And yes, yes I am.
ThePilot: Ok good, because I have to tell you something. And you’re going to be mad.
ThePeach: Bring it.
ThePilot: I’m seeing someone.
ThePeach: WHAT??!
ThePilot: I have been for the past month.
ThePeach: WHHHHAAAAAT???!!!
ThePilot: And we have sex. Real sex. Intercourse.
ThePeach: *brain explodes*

THAT MOTHERFUCKER!!! I am his fucking vagina-coach and he was getting laid for an entire month and didn’t tell me!!! There were so many conflicting feelings…anger, sadness, pride, joy…how do I sort through these?

To be fair, ThePilot was trying (in the special way that only ThePilot can) to protect me. He hooked up with this chick the same day that FauxHawk shattered my heart, and wanted to wait to tell me about her until I was less upset. In his special reetee way, ThePilot’s LIES TO ME were very sweet and loving.


I am PISSED that he withheld this information for an entire month!! I always thought that, when ThePilot lost his virginity, I would be waiting for him at home in a room full of balloons, holding a video-camera and cutting into a cake topped with a giant vag made out of icing. It only seems right to blame FauxHawk for my anger. If he hadn’t have dumped me, ThePilot wouldn’t have LIED for an entire month to protect my shredded heart. It’s actually really convenient to have a scapegoat like FauxHawk. I also blame him for that time I burnt my dinner and last week when the kitten ate his way through the bathroom wall and got his head stuck between some pipes (I live in a fucking shanty).

I would hope that the next time ThePilot reaches a sexual milestone that I will be the first to know. If he ever does anal/a 3-some/S&M I expect him to pick up his cell phone and call me before he’s even fully withdrawn.

I think he owes me that much.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

ThePeach Falls Off The Wagon; Kills Nuns and Orphans

Oh holy jesus. This weekend has been a train-wreck. You know how proud I was of being the super-ex-gf and not doing anything ridiculous/slutty/dignity-stealing? Well, one month of hard work got blown to shit in a mere evening. It got blown to shit so hard that the air still smells of feces.

When I fall off the wagon, I do it with flair: Peach-style. Let’s re-cap my evening and see if we can pinpoint where things went wrong:

*warning to TheNurse: you are not going to like this post. Please don’t fly back here to slap me in the mouth. You’ll go broke and then how will you be able to afford to buy my x-mas presents? Please remember as you read this that I am wounded.

1. Went to a party thrown by Cock-Doc, one of FauxHawk’s friends. Yes, it was awkward. But he is banging my sister so I felt the need to wish him a happy birthday? There are social laws at work, here!!
Behaviour Rating: Acceptable

2. Got shit-bombed in a very short period of time.
Behaviour Rating: Totally understandable.

3. Left at 10pm so as to not run into FauxHawk.
Behaviour Rating: Wise and Excellent

4. Got home at 10pm, shit-bombed and sad. Decided I needed to take my hot ass out. Called an old friend.
Behaviour Rating: Social and Acceptable.

5. Went to the bar. Got fucking wrecked. WRECKED. Knocked several glasses onto the floor in my drunken rage. No one noticed. It was a dank bar.
Behaviour Rating: Totally Reasonable Considering

6. Talked to TheBartender. He gave me a free shot. I gave him my number. It seemed like a fair trade-off.
Behaviour Rating: Ballsy and Social. Well done.

7. Told the old friend I wanted to go touch some whores. We go to the skeezy strip club. I make us sit in perv row. I decline to get on stage, despite the fact that I am so drunk that I can hardly see the strippers’ track marks. I do not want the syph. An old man comes and sit beside me and starts touching my shoulder. We leave. (Me and the old friend, not me and the old man).
Behaviour Rating: Getting Sketch, but still making reasonable choices. Like not catching the Syph.

8. The old friend and I go back to my apartment. I am so drunk that I can hardly walk. He tells me I am hot. He jumps me. I figure “why the hell not?” and let him jump me a little.
Behaviour Rating: Perhaps a little premature and totally drunk, but Acceptable.

9. OH HOLY JESUS. Recall that the old friend is fucking MARRIED. MARRIED. Also, he has a BABY.
Behaviour Rating: BAD!!! BAD!!! ABORT!! ABORT!!!!! What the holy fuck, Peach?? You are NOT that desperate!! You are, however, a dirty dirty homewrecker. And a slut.

10. Start sobbing like a baby while the old friend tries to do me. I stop him. Or the bawling stops him. He misinterprets the bawling and tells me “don’t worry, I cheat on my wife all the time. I even slept with someone else 4 days before my wedding!”. Oh ya, that comforts me. I bawl harder, with an uncontrollable drunken sadness.
Behaviour Rating: Crying, Peach? Crying while making out with someone? Your worst nightmare has COME TRUE. Not only is he married but you are CRYING. This is a train-wreck, woman. The kind you can’t peel your eyes from. Two trains have crashed into each other and passengers are dying all over the place and you just can’t stop staring!!!

11. The old friend asks me what the fuck is wrong. I bawl out the words “I-I-I miss F-F-FauxHawk!!!”
Behaviour Rating: The two trains just exploded. All remaining survivors are slowly burning to the death.

12. The old friends asks me “so, you still want to screw?”. I say “no” and tell him to leave. He leaves. I am still sobbing.
Behaviour Rating: Redeeming? A glimmer or morality? No, but close.

13. Here’s a good idea: I am drunk beyond drunk. I am crying uncontrollably. It is ugly, ugly, ugly. It is 4am. Why don’t I just e-mail FauxHawk and tell him that I hate him for hurting me? In a drawn-out, drunk-girl, rambling insane email?
Behaviour Rating: A commercial airplane that was passing over-head just inexplicably crashed into the train wreck. The fucking plane just fell straight out of the sky and landed on the debris and dead passengers. Then the plane exploded and all of the passengers died. The passengers were orphans and nuns.

Like I said, when I fall off the wagon I do it with flair. A month of excellent post-breakup behaviour just got completely nullified in one explosion of a night. They should give out trophies for the worst-possible post-breakup behaviour to occur in a single night. I would win. They would name the contest after me.

I can never leave the house again. EVER. Except for when I steal away in the dead of night to move to Mexico. Go ahead and judge me – you should! But in my defense I was shit-bombed beyond words (and, apparently, thought) and my heart has recently been ripped out. I thought about whether or not to post this and decided to go for it. ThePeach is human. ThePeach makes poor, poor choices when drunk and heartbroken. ThePeach is a train-wreck that kills nuns and orphans.

I am no breakup super-hero. I am totally fucked.

Also, when I woke up the next day at 2pm and stumbled into my kitchen for advil, I walked face-first into the wall. I clocked my brain good. I may have attained a minor concussion. I cried.

Life is comically complicated.


Friday, November 10, 2006

I Know I Should Skewer The Little Fucker

But how can you not love the reetee?? Little guy!!

How come every man I love pisses all over my life?


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

ThePeach Paint-Rages; Gets Kicked in Box by Karma

I need sleep. I am so fucking sleep-deprived. I’m back on the sweet teat of gravol but it’s doing nothing. Nothing! I feel like the night of the living dead. Argh.

Why can’t I sleep? 2 reasons: 1) Rage, 2) Mice.

Let’s start with 1) Rage.

I’ve hit the rage-stage of my breakup. It’s much more fun than being a weepy, whiny shit. Except that, instead of being gently rocked to sleep by my pathetic sobbing, I now toss and turn all night as I rage about FauxHawk. And my tossing and turning seriously excites the kitten, who likes to sleep on my stomach. All in all, it’s fucking chaotic:

ThePeach’s Brain: MotherfuckerselfishbastardmotherfuckerMOTHERFUCKER!
ThePeach: *toss*
Milo: zzzzzWHAT THE FUCK?
ThePeach’s Brain: MotherfuckerneverappreciatedmemotherfuckerMOTHERFUCKER!
ThePeach: *turn*
Milo: A GAME!!! *starts jumping spastically on my face*
ThePeach’s Brain: Motherfuckercan’tbelieveIputupwithhisshitmotherfuckerMOTHERFUCKER!
ThePeach: *toss*
Milo: I WANNA PLAY, TOO!!! *runs to kitchen to grab toy; knocks over lamp on his way. Jumps onto my torso with stuffed mouse in mouth. Starts throwing the mouse in the air and attacking it on my shifting torso* YA, MULLAFUCKAH!!!

So ya, I haven’t been sleeping much. On Sunday, I decided I needed a project in which to channel my rage. I chose painting my apartment. On my way back from Ottawa, I made my family stop at CrappyTire so I could select and purchase paint and painting supplies. I carefully pored over paint chips, weighing the pros and cons of each possible colour. Would this colour make mens want to have sex with me? Would this colour make me look hot when I’m lying naked on my bed seducing mens? Would this colour be cheap?

And then…

TigerCat: Ok…*look of fear in her eyes, as if she’s addressing someone who is minutes away from throwing her own feces in rage*…I don’t want to alarm you, but we need to leave CrappyTire. Now.
ThePeach: Why? I haven’t selected the perfect colour for my bedroom yet.
TigerCat: …ok…FauxHawk is here.
ThePeach: …sorry?
TigerCat: He is here. In CrappyTire. Right now.
TigerCat: I just talked to him. He’s buying a plunger.
ThePeach: *heh*…but…oh god…no…
TigerCat: Sorry.
ThePeach: I…just…puked…in…my…mouth.
TigerCat: Ok, let’s get you home.
ThePeach: NO!!! I need to paint, damnit!!! It’s all I have!!! ALL I HAVE!!!! *tears in eyes*
TigerCat: But you haven’t even picked a colour yet.
ThePeach: *picks at random from wall of chips* Any colour works. ANY FUCKING COLOUR WORKS!! *turns to crusty sales lady* MIX THIS COLOUR NOW!!!

So ya, I didn’t put the time and effort into selecting a colour that I would have liked. My bedroom is now bright, bright pink. Like vom-inducing pink. I feel like I live on the inside of a stomach. But it’s…different? And when I bring mens home I’ll just keep the lights off. And kick them out before morning.

On a side note, I am a bad painter. I am neither patient nor meticulous. Parts of my carpet are pink. Parts of my ceiling are pink. A pair of jeans that got in the fucking way are pink. There is a set of teeny pink paw-prints on my living room floor. Thank god I rent.

So, I got the paint-rage out of my system. I also crippled myself in the process. Painting hurts my body.

2) Mice…and karma.

The night of the painting, I was up all night tossing and turning in my vom-pink room listening to Milo chase mice. Between the mice and the smell of kitten-urine, I live in a fucking barn.

I wanted Milo to learn to be a good hunter, so I didn’t stop him from his stalking. But this meant I was up all night listening to him knocking shit over while he chased a mouse throughout my house. At one point, I got out of bed to see what the fuck was going on. I found Milo playfully following a mouse across the living-room floor. Just following him. Not attempting to catch or kill him…just following him. Like a ‘tard following a shiny piece of plastic blowing down the street.

The next night, I talked to my mom on the phone about what a useless kitten Milo is. I described in detail how he followed the mouse all night but didn’t attempt to catch or kill it. I used the sentence “he’s a lover, not a killer”. I groaned about how I had the only fucking cat in the world who didn’t catch mice. I called him retarded. The gods were listening.

As I tossed and turned in bed later that night, I could hear Milo knocking shit down in my kitchen. Fucking retarded cat. At some blessed point, I stopped raging long enough to fall into a fitful sleep.

I awoke to Milo jumping on my stomach like a spastic demon. He was purring with gusto. He wouldn’t get off me or shut his purr-hole. I opened my eyes. It was 4:30 am. The morning light was just starting to peek through my window and by the glare of my disgustingly pink walls I saw what was causing my retarded kitten’s excitement:

The dead mouse he had deposited on my chest.

OHHHHHHH MOTHERFUCKER!!!! Oh god oh god oh god. I have never flown out of bed so fast in my life. I did a spastic, girly freak-out dance and threw off my pjs with a speed I didn’t know I had in me. The mouse corpse flew off my body and onto the floor. Milo flew off the bed and onto the corpse, where he batted it around and continued to purr proudly. Swearing and sweating, I grabbed a garbage bag and lifted the mouse corpse by the tail and dropped it into the bag with a wee thud. I tied the bag in a triple knot in case it came back to life or something. Because it was 4:30 am and because I was naked, I placed the garbage bag in my hallway by the door instead of taking it to the curb. I then made a grave, rookie mistake: I gave Milo two treats. As much as I was fucking flipping out from his “gift”, I wanted to encourage him to catch more mice in the future. Plus he was so damned proud! It would have been cute if it weren’t inconceivably horrifying.

I scrubbed my hands with disenfectant soap. I put on new pjs and got back into bed. I fell back asleep. Or I was in shock, whatever.

Milo misinterpreted the point of the treats. As I was sleeping, he ate his way through the garbage bag. He picked up the dead mouse in his retarded little mouth. He carried it back to my bed…


This time, I woke up the second I felt the thud of the tiny mouse-corpse land on me. This time, Milo dropped it on my bare shoulder. My eyes flew open. I looked at Milo jumping proudly and excitedly on my stomach, purring like a maniac. I looked at my shoulder…


I threw myself out of bed again, this time semi-flipping myself off the back of the bed and hurling the mouse-corpse against the wall with a massive fling of my shoulder. I had my pj top off before I or the corpse hit the ground. Milo dove behind the bed to fetch my gift. I squealed and hopped around my room in panic. I put on new pjs. I grabbed another garbage bag and pried the mouse-corpse out of my retarded kitten’s paws. I dropped it into the garbage bag. I took the garbage bag to the curb outside. It was 6:30am.

When I got back inside, Milo was seriously PISSED. Not only did I not reward him for his hunting skills, but I had thrown his gift to me away. He had the crazy-tail going on. His ears pointed straight back. He was walking in circles by the door, making pissed off grunts (ya, my kitten grunts. He's charming. Possibly possesed). I went to the bathroom and scrubbed my hands, shoulder, and rack with disinfecting soap. When I came back out, I found a puddle of warm urine on my futon.

Fucker really loves to express himself.

So, I think it’s safe to say that Karma kicked me swiftly in the box.

And this is why I have been having trouble sleeping.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

ThePeach Goes to Her Grandpa's 80th Birthday Party

Oh, this weekend was a real treat. Any weekend that involves the gathering of my family usually is. This weekend happened to be my grandfather’s 80th birthday, and we all traveled to Ottawa to be with him. The night before I was due to be picked up, my plan was to do laundry, pack, and go to bed early so I would be rested and ready to face 48 consecutive hours of my mother without punching her in the ovary. TheHippie’s boyfriend, who has been named “TheCrip” (is it because he’s in a gang, or because he’s a cripple? Ooooh suspenseful!), was trying to pimp me out to his friends that night but I decided to stay in. Not that I don’t fully appreciate TheCrip’s enthusiastic response to my request to start whoring me out, but this was what I was presented with:

TheCrip: I found you someone to fuck. He plays rugby with me and is hot, athletic, and tall. He’ll probably slap you around in bed.
ThePeach: Yes! Yes!
TheCrip: So, come out tonight and meet him. Then fuck him.
ThePeach: Sure! Hey, do you have a picture of my new lover?
TheCrip: Here, check out his facebook.
ThePeach: ok *reads profile*…um, TheCrip? Is my new lover 19 years old?
ThePeach: This profile says he was born in 1987.
TheCrip:…that’s a typo.
TheCrip: NO! Well…yes.
ThePeach: Has he even HAD sex before??
TheCrip: Probably!
ThePeach: Ya, I’m out. Message me when you find me someone who doesn’t need 2 condoms and a manual.

At 9pm, TheHubby and Cleavage msn’d me to see if they could come watch tv with me. Why not? A quiet night of trashy tv wouldn’t get in the way of my productivity. So I said “hell ya, get your hot asses over here!”

They showed up with the following:
1. A bag of chips.
2. A brick of cheese.
3. A bag of candy.
4. A fat, fat joint.

I didn’t do laundry or pack or go to bed before 3am, but I did watch “She’s All That”, cry during ER (“oh my god, it’s so horrible when people die on tv”), find topless pics of TheHubby’s ex-gf on the internet (“oh my god, I hope she has back-ne!!”), get some gentle Cleavage lovin’, and eat my weight in salty treats. It wasn’t the night I had expected, but it was more than I ever could have hoped for.

Of course, I was fucked the next morning. My sleep-deprived, gravol-craving body wanted to sleep until 3pm thanks to the pot, but I had to wake up at 9 and get ready for the last thing anybody wants to deal with during a pot hangover: my mother. No, not your mother. My mother. I’m sure your mother would at least shut up when she noticed you grimacing in pain at the volume of her voice. My mother coos affectionately at my ‘headache’ and then rambles on for the next 2 hours about her own medical problems, such as her “depressive episodes” and “anxiety” and “hives”. The only thing that shuts her up is a punch to the ovary.

The Pre-Party

We arrived in Ottawa and went to the party my mom had organized for my grandpa. It was in a restaurant that caters to senior citizens. It had a band that played love songs from the 1920s-1950s, waiters who spoke LOUDLY and CLLLLEEEEAAAARRRRLLLLYYY, and bland, mushy food. I should mention that, before he broke up with me, FauxHawk had been trying to get time off to come to the party. He was supposed to save me from the old people and laugh at their senility with me. So, I was feeling a little shit-tacular as we were driving to the restaurant. Which was exactly when my understanding mother decided to spring the following conversation on me:

Peach/Tiger Mom: So, I want you to make a speech tonight, Peach.
ThePeach: WHAT?!
Peach/Tiger Mom: Your grandpa will really appreciate it. Just give a speech to everyone before dinner. You don’t have to do it. No one will force you…but you know how much your grandpa loves you, and how much he does for you, and he is getting old and might die soon…
ThePeach: I hate you. I really, really do.
Peach/Tiger Mom: Oh, and I want both you and TigerCat to dance with your grandpa.
ThePeach: WHAT?! Is there even dancing in the restaurant?
Peach/Tiger Mom: I don’t know, but there will be music. Just get up and dance with him beside the table. You know it will mean the world to him and you might not have many more chances to dance with your grandfather…
ThePeach: I seriously hate you.
Peach/Tiger Mom: And I want you and TigerCat to sit at separate tables tonight so that the guests can get to know you and so you can lead charming conversation.
ThePeach: WHAT?! FUCK, NO. NO. I am putting my foot down. I don’t even know these people and they don’t know me and I just want to talk to TigerCat.
Peach/Tiger Mom: But your grandpa talks about you so much, they all know who you are. He’s so proud of you…
ThePeach: Go to hell. *starts wriggling door handle* Damn these child-proof doors!!! *presses hands up to glass, stares longingly at ditch and freedom*
Peach/Tiger Mom: Oh, and your grandpa has a new girlfriend. She’s black. He also has some mysterious new back injury that he doesn’t want to talk about.
ThePeach: *brain explodes*

My grandpa has a girlfriend. She is black. He has a back injury that he won’t talk about.

Grandpa’s hitting the brown sugar. My brain cannot handle this. Please remember that my grandpa refers to black people as “negroes”. Maybe he makes his new girlfriend hoe the backyard and harvest cotton and he got that back injury from whipping her for speaking disrespectfully. Because that is the only way that this union makes sense in my mind.

The Party

I smile pretty for the old people. I talk loudly and slowly. I answer questions about my “school’in” and lead people to their seats by their bony arms. It is a sea of blue hair, baldness, and the smell of death. I have a glass of wine. And then another. It doesn’t help. I help the old people at my table read their menus. I attempt to lead charming conversations. My mother walks over and whispers to me “now would be a good time to say your speech. Not that you have to do it. Nobody is forcing you, honey. I’m just saying that, if you did decide to give your grandfather the gift of pride and love and a memory that he’ll hold dear until his dying day (which could be soon), now would be the time.” Whore.

TigrCat and I give a speech. It is well-received. I want to shit my pants but am comforted by the thought that most of the guests can't hear me anyway, and those who can think that I’m taking their drink orders. The food arrives and just when I think I can drown my sorrows in a cheap cut of beef:

Grizzled old farmer on my right: So, woman, you must have a boyfriend.
ThePeach: *pleasant laughter* why, no I don’t.
Grizzled old farmer on my right: You’re a’lyin’! A woman as beautiful as you must have a boyfriend!
ThePeach: Nope. No boyfriend.
Grizzled old farmer on my right: Stop lyin’ to me, woman! A gal like you has boyfriends lining up out the door! *gets attention of table* Folks, this woman here is trying to tell me she doesn’t have a boyfriend!
Table of old people: *gasp* Impossible! How can you not have a boyfriend? Surely you do! *gasp* *shock* How can a girl like you not have a boyfriend?
TigerCat: I have a boyfriend! He’s a doctor!
Table of old people: *appreciative clucks* Now, that’s the kind of boyfriend you should have, Peach.
Grizzled old farmer on my right: So, no boyfriend, eh? You like ponies?
ThePeach: *eyeing the butter knife as a possible weapon of suicide* Sure. Ponies. Ya.
Grizzled old farmer on my right: You should come to my farm someday. I have a pony you could ride, woman. All girls like a pony ride. Even girls without boyfriends.
ThePeach’s Heart: Bitch, I’m out of here. Deal with this shit yourself.
ThePeach: *thumps chest, gasps*
ThePeach’s Heart: Bitch, you got lucky.
Grizzled old farmer on my right: Wow woman, you sure do like cake.

The Post-Party

The good thing about having a party for senior citizens is that everyone leaves by 10pm. We go straight home because my grandpa needs to rest his injured back. *shudder* I am exhausted from my night of pretending to be charming, happy, and sober. I go to bed at 11. I dream about FauxHawk. I wake up briefly to punch myself in the ovary. I go back to sleep and dream about my grandpa hittin’ the brown sugar.

I’m sure she’s a lovely negro.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

ThePeach Celebrates Her 2-Week Dump-iversary

2 weeks ago today I had my heart broken into a million little pieces and then urinated on. It wasn’t pretty. I wasn’t pretty. Nothing in the world was pretty. I still can’t fucking believe that FauxHawk and I are over – but here it is, 2 weeks later, and I’m still kicking. It’s a weak, crippled leprosy of a little kick, but it’s a fucking kick, damnit.

To celebrate the fact that I’ve kept my shit together for 2 weeks, I had a special little romantic date with myself tonight. Yes, I know how fucking sad that is. Laugh and die. Seriously. Try it. I’ll cut you.

First, I went for an hour-long massage at the spa. Hells ya. This was beautiful on so many levels. There was the level of pain relief: all of the stress of my heartache has manifested itself in my FUCKING SPINAL COLUMN. I’m like a goddamn cripple. But my masseur tenderly worked on my poisoned muscles until I no longer felt the need to steal mass quantities of Vicodin and other assorted opiates from hospitals and homeless people. It was like having multiple orgasms of the spine. Which is probably the best orgasmic activity I can hope for right now, anyway.

There was also the level of touch. I was touched by a human being for the first time in 2 weeks. I hope I don’t have to continue to pay monies to experience the touch of another human, because that’s a slippery slope. And I’m too hot to fuck hookers. Except for Colombian Hookers – they’re worth every peso, used needle, and button that you pay for them.

I was disappointed about one aspect of my massage. I was hoping for some beefy mens to be my masseur, and in my fantasy-riddled mind he would be so turned on by my sexy body that he would take me right there on the kinky massage table. Unfortunately, my masseur was a beefy lesbian. And she turned me down.

After my non-sexual massage, I came home and made myself a big fancy dinner. Fuck ya! I’m a fucking great cook! I actually made the exact same meal for FauxHawk about 4 days before he dumped my ass. But this time I perfected it and I didn’t have to share. So not only did it taste better, but I get to eat leftovers tomorrow. Which is awesome. Because bitch can’t cook every night. Bitch is lazy. Bitch has tv to watch.

So, all-in-all, I’m pretty pleased with myself right now. Ya, I had my heart shredded and I still feel like total shit. But I got through 2 weeks without:

a) calling him/seeing him/stalking him/following him/emailing him. None of my friends had to pry the phone or keyboard out of my hands, even when I was drunk or high or both. Which, you know, is often. I didn’t try to ‘accidentally’ run into him – actually, I did my goddamn best to avoid him as much as possible. Did I want to call him? Fuck yes, every single day. I still want to. Sometimes I accidentally automatically almost call him, but I catch myself and hurl the phone into a vat of acid and sit in a circle of salt holding a cross and muttering Sanskrit. I refuse to be demoted to “less than girlfriend”. I’m better than that shit.

b) Losing my job/friends/failing school. I went to work every day. I did fuck all, but what else is new? I went to (almost) all my classes. And I made friends with the big-headed keeners and sappy male-poets! I still want to rip off my arm and beat them to death with it every time they talk in class, but other than that they’re cool. I didn’t make my old friends break up with me for whining 24/7, because I refuse to whine 24/7. And plus I bribed them with salty treats.

c) Losing my dignity. I didn’t beg him to take me back, I didn’t scream or yell at him when he dumped me, and I don’t plan to attempt to make his life miserable. He can do that all by himself. So ya, I’m pretty sure I’ve kept my dignity intact. Unless he still reads my blog, in which case he probably thinks I’m a crazy crack-whore. But that is no longer my problem!

d) Harassing our mutual friends for information about him. If he’s dating some 19-year-old Jewish girl who thinks she just struck doctor-gold, I don’t want to know. However, any information they ever want to share about how miserable he is would be totally acceptable. Possibly even rewarded with alcohol and purring.

e) Running away/joining a convent/catching the Syph. Universitytown is small and miserable but, damnit, it’s my home too! And, while I refuse to give up mens forever, I’ve managed not to whore myself out to anything with a peepee. By which I mean my only bed-mate is my cat. Who smells like feces and bites my eyelids. AND PEES ON MY FUTON!!! (ya, he did it again. I cried for real. A lot). But hey, it’s only been 2 weeks. I plan to start auditioning mens for a leading role in my one-woman show at some point.

TaDaaaa…I’m a breakup goddess. A miserable goddess who still cries randomly during sad commercials and hasn’t slept at all ever since she tried to taper her gravol dose, but still!

I hereby conclude “The Breakup Diaries”. Bring on “The Bitter/Jaded/Sexy Whore Diaries”. “With less cookie dough and more booze”. “And less crying and more sex”. “Hopefully not just with myself and Colombian hookers”.


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Some Early Morning Pre-Caffeine Thoughts

I am sleepy. Seepy, if you will. I had an 8:30 class this morning, and I'm really just not a bundle of cheer and goodness in the a.m. I'm more like a bear-trap full of maggots and feces. Also, the kitten decided to play "Jump on ThePeach's Face" at 5am. When I get home, I've got a special game for him. It's called "Milo gets skewered and rotisseried over an open flame and then eaten because kitten meat is tender".

Anyway, here are some thoughts that made me smile this morning. And by "smile", I mean grimace and glare creepily out of my one open eye. That's my morning smile.

1. I am currently eating another gelatinous egg-unit sandwich from tim horton's. I don't know why. I just don't. I didn't even want one - I just felt like I needed one. And it's not even good. Yet - it gives me warm feelings deep inside. Deep inside my bowel.

2. My prof - an old, English lady - used the word "cunt" in our lecture this morning at 8:30 am. Cunt at 8:30 am...I wanted to laugh, but all I could manage at 8:30 am was a throaty cough and an eye twitch. But it was an appreciative eye twitch. I have newfound respect for her. She rocks out with her vock out.

3. As I was stumbling around in my kitchen like a blind-folded tard this morning at 7:30, I came across (teehee!) a picture that EvilBird sent me in a care package over the weekend. The care package consisted of gravol (yes!), kleenex (finally!), candy (woot!), booze (WOOT!) and a picture that she took of me when I was 16. We were at a swimming competition and thus were staying in a hotel. In the picture, I am standing over a bidet, wearing a peeling mud-mask (for the pores, bitches), and fellating a giant cucumber. Wow, turns out I was always a cracked-out whore. That picture makes me laugh out loud every time I think about it. Oh, the things we did when we were 16...did anyone else fellate vegetables while wearing facial masks and standing over bidets? TheHubby, I'm looking in your direction.

Well anyway, those are my random morning thoughts. There is now caffeine coursing through my veins and I can feel the egg-unit sliding around in my gullet, leaving a trail of sludge and decay in its wake. All is right with the world.

Oh, and I have a pooter date for lunch. Pooter = poutine, not va-j-j.

Good thing I'm taking out my rage on the treadmill or I would be one gianty fatty.


Monday, October 30, 2006

ThePeach Does Stuff

I need to keep busy. Free time = the sads. I am sick of the sads. Thus, I did the following things today to keep busy and shut my cry-hole:

1. Decided to paint my apartment. Change is good. Projects are good. Me doing any do-it-yourself projects is disastrous, but this is the most practical of all my post-breakup irrational decisions that people had to talk me out of. Like removing my IUD (“but it makes me think of FauxHawk!” “But it keeps you from having babies!” “But it makes me think of” “NO BABIES!!! *slap*”), or quitting my job and school to go live with TheNurse (“but you have a cat…and an apartment…and a job…put down the credit card, woman!! PUT IT DOWN!! *slap*”), or running away to Mexico to flip tortillas for a living (“But I need to get the fuck away from here, TheHubby!!” “No.” “…Wanna come?” “…YES!!” “Ok, you steal a car and I’ll put Milo in his carrying case!” “Weee! TheHubby and ThePeach are moving to Mexico and – hey, isn’t Lost on tonight? Forget it.” “I hate you.”)

So anyway, I will very shortly be painting my apartment. I spent almost my entire work day looking up colours on the Debbie Travis Website. Debbie Travis is a corporate whore who looks like she likes it up the acorn, but I appreciate her handy website. So ya – painting! As soon as I ask my landlord. And buy paint. And brushes. And drop sheets. And oh fucking forget it. It’s too much work. I’ll just hire some homeless to do it for me. I’ll pay them in blow and hand-jobs – the same way I pay my rent.

2. Went out for Sushi and ice cream with TheHippie and TheHubby. As usual, I was terrified of running into the ‘Hawk. Sushi is a common love of ours. Luckily, he avoided the sushi tonight. Just like he did for the past 4 months of our relationship. Zing. And, also, gross.

Anyway, our wasabi dreams were answered and we had a beautiful 3-way love-date. Just me and my husband and wife.

3. Went on an apartment purge. I threw everything that reminded me of FauxHawk into a box and I threw that box in the back of my closet. I wanted to burn it, but I’m out of Kerosene. Damnit, I need to keep more of that shit around!

4. Cleaned up the chaos that Milo left in my apartment. The fucker knocked down 2 sets of shelves in my bedroom, broke one of them, and knocked every single thing I own onto the floor. Then, because he was scared, he tried to hide in the curtains. Then he got stuck in the curtains. Then he broke the curtains. Then he peed somewhere in my apartment that I haven’t been able to locate but can smell. Then I put him in a sack and beat the sack with a baseball bat and put the sack in the bathtub and filled the tub with water and held the sack under the water with the bat until ALL THE EVIL WAS GONE. Ok, I made up that last part. You all know water doesn’t get rid of evil. Kerosene does. DAMNIT WHY DON’T I KEEP MORE OF THAT SHIT AROUND?!

Now I am going to take a break from mania to watch “The Bachelor: Rome”. A girl needs trash in her life.


Sunday, October 29, 2006

ThePeach Survives Another Weekend; Makes Friends with TheDude and The Treadmill

Weekend #2 of heartache was another interesting one. I will be happy when I no longer feel like shit 24/7, but who the fuck knows when that will happen. In the mean time, I have cookie dough, playgirl, and a new mp3 player with a list of chick-tastic songs to get me through.


You know the elaborate plans we had to smoke pot and do karaoke? The plans were seriously flawed, and no one saw it coming. I went over to TheHippie and TheHubby’s house, and we all eagerly smoked what we thought was a little bit of the pot. Then we smoked a little more. Then TheHubby thought he was dying and I started contemplating (aloud, of course) how elaborately humans try to cover up their natural states: we deodorize, we soap, we wash, we perfume, we use elaborate air fresheners: all to cover up the fact that humans smell. Humans smell. We smell because we are animals; we should be giving birth in fields and OH GOD WE’RE TOO HIGH TO LEAVE THE HOUSE.

Ya…we forgot that one of us was supposed to stay sober until we got to the restaurant to make sure that we actually left the house and could function in public. But, between TheHubby being convinced that he was having multiple heart attacks, TheHippie screaming in laughter and rolling around on the futon, and me trying to force us all to go in the backyard and roll around naked in the grass like THE ANIMALS WE ARE – we were fucked. So, our night of karaoke and sushi turned into watching “Hocus Pocus” on YTV and making KD and Grilled Cheese. It was still beautiful, just a different kind of beautiful from what we had been hoping.

At the end of the night I took a cab home and sat dully in front of my computer being a sad wreck. I talked to WeeOne and TigerCat on msn, and they patiently let me e-cry and eventually convinced me to go to bed. I slept like a baby. A baby whose parents drug him with high doses of gravol to stop his crying, but still.


Woke up hungover, and performed my usual retarded pot-hangover routine: went to the gym. I have never sweat so much in my life. I seriously don’t know why I do this to myself every time, but my body HATES ME. And usually I at least wait until I’ve been awake for a few hours before I go attack the treadmill, but this time I wanted to get to the gym early to get there and be gone before FauxHawk might decide to go. Pathetic: Yes.

After that fiasco I spent my afternoon downloading music and reading Playgirl. I realized that Playgirl is in no way hot. If I wanted to see a dude with a shaved scrote lovingly hold his own shaft and stare seductively off into space, I’d enter TheBoss’ office without knocking a lot more. But, as it stands, I don’t want to see that. I’m not throwing the magazine out or anything, though…a girl needs cock in her life one way or another.

Next up: pretend to be fine and go out for Halloween. I, of course, was not fine. I had made plans with FauxHawk and his friends a long time ago to celebrate Halloween at a huge party with them. It is literally the party of the year, every year. The only party I would be attending this year was a pity party: RSVP list: me. Luckily TheHippie’s boyfriend was having people over and I got good and wrecked and then we went to a slutty dance bar. I continued to get loaded. The place was fucking packed full of undergrads in slutty costumes which were all variations of the same key pieces: a corset, a garder, and thigh-highs. Throw a different hat on each whore and you have a room full of “creative” costumes:

“I’m a sexy nurse! I’m a sexy cowgirl! I’m a sexy cop! I’m a sexy golf-pro!”

I went out as a sexy GO TO HELL.

And yet…I picked up a dude. He smiled at me, I smiled at him. He shimmied his way over to me on the dance floor and made small-talk. TheHippie and her boyfriend approved of TheDude and told me to bang him:

TheHippie: He’s hot!!!
Boyfriend: Take him home!!!!
ThePeach: I don’t wanna. I wanna go home and cry myself to sleep again.
TheHippie/Boyfriend: *slap*…*slap*
ThePeach: Well…get me drunker and then we’ll see.
TheDude: do realize that I'm standing right here?

I did get drunker, but that only made me sadder. I am sorry to say that I left TheDude on the dance floor and walked home alone, where I did indeed cry myself to sleep. I’m sorry – I know how badly you want my blog to turn into The Trampage Diaries!! I want it just as much as you – probably more, since I’ll be the one getting laid. I was furious when I got home. Furious that FauxHawk dumped me, furious that I love him, furious that I couldn’t bone TheDude because I love FauxHawk, furious that FauxHawk is probably boning chicks already and all I have is a fucking Playgirl!!! Oh man, I certainly cried the ugly cry that night in bed.


Sleep brings clarity. I woke up feeling much better. I checked my facebook account (ya…I’m one of *those* now…fuck off) and found a message from TheDude. He somehow found me and wasn’t pissed that I left him in the slutty dance bar. He asked if I would go out for a drink with him this week.

I said yes. *insert choir of angels*

Maybe I still love FauxHawk. Maybe I’m a fucking mess. But I’ve also been asked out by 2 different people in the 10 days since I got dumped without any effort on my part. I am a great fucking catch, and some people actually appreciate that. FauxHawk does not appreciate that and never did and thus can kiss my sweet ass. And even if TheDude turns out to be a loser and I have to sneak out of the bar while he’s in the bathroom, I am still trying to move on balls-out. The heart will follow the balls – or something like that.

The best way to get over a guy is to get under another. So here’s hoping I don’t catch syphilis.

After I responded to TheDude’s message I went to the gym and had an amazing run. I had my chick-tastic tunes blaring and I took out my fury on the treadmill. And hopefully on my ass.

Now I am heading over to TheHippie/TheHubby’s to rent “Stick it” (yep…the gymnastic movie for pre-teens…it seems like an amazing idea to me) with them and Cleavage. I’ll probably come home and cry myself to sleep afterwards, but fuck it. I’m a mess for sure – but I’m a hot mess.

And guys dig vulnerable chicks because we're easy.


Friday, October 27, 2006

The Breakup Diaries: Day One-fucking-Million

It feels like it's been a million fucking days. My ribs hurt. My face actually burns. I should really buy some fucking brand-name kleenex instead of mopping up my snot with 1-ply food-basics brand toilet paper. I'm ghetto-tastic. I didn't update yesterday because all I could have written would have been: "cried. moped around. ate some shit, probably. weeped gently. whined."

So, to make up for it...

Today's Breakup Diaries are brought to you by the letter "C".

CRIED: Shocker!! On the bright side, at least I finally know that I'm not dead inside?

COOKIE DOUGH: How fucking stereotypical am I? I should be shot. Or I'll just wait for a clump of dough to settle in my heart - whatever is faster.

CAT-PISS: I smell like cat piss as a result of lying on my stinky futon all afternoon. The drycleaners can suck my ASS - my futon still reeks of urine. And now, so do I. That's appealing, right? Wanna lay me now? I smell like a homeless person. Some people like that.

CALLS: I have been getting calls at work all day about this new fucking study that TheBoss is running. The study is about women with broken gashes. These women piss themselves and can't lay their husbands. They call me at work and tell me about their troubles. Which leads me to...

CRAZY BITCHES: The women who call me at work are all crazy bitches. I haven't slept in 9 days. I am grumpy. I do not want to hear about YOUR GREEN URINE/SORE POOTER/ADULT DIAPERS!!!!!!!! All they are supposed to do is give me their mailing addresses. But, of course, they don't.

CUNT-SCAB: That pretty much describes my mood today. I feel like a cunt-scab.

CANNABIS: Thank fucking god. TheHippie, TheHubby and I are going to get fucking ripped off the weed and then go to...

CARAOKE: Fuck off. I know it's spelled "karaoke", but that didn't fit in with my scheme. Willingly suspend your disbelief, cunt-scabs. But anyway, somehow we decided that it would be genius to smoke an assload of pot and then go do some karaoke in a private room in the back of a sketchy sushi bar. Seriously. Pot? Raw fish? Microphones? This can only end well. I'll let you know tomorrow, unless I throw a chair at a Japanese waiter in a heart-wrenching rendition of "You're so Vain" and end up getting

inCARCERATED: It wouldn't be the end of the world. I think I'd fare well in prison. I'm really good at being the subservient bitch to a dominating alpha-cunt: I just had 2 years of practice, after all.

CATTY: You might have noticed that I'm getting bitchier. Less sad, more raging evil whore? I hope so. I really, really hope so.

Just for once, I want to be the dominating alpha-cunt...


Thursday, October 26, 2006

TheBreakup Diaries: Day 7

Well, it has been 1 week since I got dumped/devastated/tossed aside like a K-Fed CD. How am I holding up?

Well, I thought I had turned a corner. Less cry and more rage. There were 2 great days of rage: I ran my little wounded heart out at the gym (“take that, motherfucking treadmill!! RAGE!”), ate my neglected little stomach full of fries (take that, motherfucking fries!! RAGE!”), and added friends to facebook with the intensity of a woman on a ‘roid/speed cocktail (“take that, motherfucking facebook!! RAGE!”).

But then today…there were a few minor setbacks. Luckily my various friends and devoted babysitters took care of me…I love you bitches. And I promise I’ll stop telling you all that I love you and making you feel awkward and uncomfortable real soon, ha. (lies…I won’t stop).

I started feeling antsy around 1pm. I had to get the fuck out of my office. And possibly eat something deepfried or grilled or, if possible, both. Frances took me to a restaurant that specialized in foods that clog your heart-valves and we sat in a dark corner where no one would see or judge us. We stayed in flavour country for a good 2 hours, dipping deepfried foods in various sauces and moaning in pleasure. We got sauce on our faces, we dropped shit, we swore and laughed…it was beautiful. Not hot, but definitely beautiful. Frances told me the best thing I had heard in a long time…

She also has experience dating the Jews. Like me, she is inexplicably attracted to mens of the Jewish faith. We can’t explain it. It’s not the money stereotype (FauxHawk was far from a trust fund baby), so don’t try to pull that shit on me. But anyway, Frances had recently been dating a Jew of her own. Then he broke up with her. She was unimpressed. So unimpressed, that she grabbed the first thing she could reach and threw it at him as hard as she could. The object she happened to throw? A rosary.

Frances threw a rosary at a Jew when he broke up with her. A fucking rosary! Oh my god, why didn’t I think of that?! Oh right, because if I owned anything religious God would probably burn my house down and then send wild monkeys to urinate on it afterwards just to make sure all the evil was gone. But still….man, that’s good. My reaction?

ThePeach: Did the rosary hit him?!
Frances: Yep.
ThePeach: *gets excited* In the face!!?
Frances: In the heart.
ThePeach: YES! YES! Hey, can we order more sour cream?

So, lunch was a success. Then I got home and cradled my bloated belly until it was time for Yoga with TheHippie. We hadn’t been to Yoga in a while so I was even less bendy than usual. Plus I kept looking over my shoulder to see if FauxHawk was in the gym. I was fucking terrified the whole time that I’d look over my shoulder as I was in some contorted and painful position and spot him running on a treadmill behind me. I’d really rather not shit my pants in yoga. Or ever. But luckily I didn’t spot him. I had a minor breakdown during the 10 minutes of meditation at the end of class. You’re supposed to clear your head and let your body relax and all that other homosexual granola bullshit. When I try to clear my head and relax I start thinking about my broken, broken heart. This is why I have been running around like an adrenaline junkie all week. So, guess what happened in Yoga? Crying. Crying during meditation. Luckily I was quiet and none of the lesbians tried to comfort me.

After that fiasco I came home and ate soup that Cleavage had made me. God bless Cleavage and her beautiful, nourishing soup. I’ve been living off it for 3 days. That and apparently deepfry. My friend TheCorporate stopped by with a Breakup Survival Kit containing:

1. A 2L bottle of wine.
2. A tube of cookie dough.
3. A Sex and the City DVD.
4. A Porno Magazine.

She knows me so well!!! After she left I had a very pitiful cry where I actually said the words “*sob* I’m just so exhausted, oh god*sob*” out loud. To myself. I hate heartbroken Peach. I want to punch myself in the box for being such a loser. Luckily QueenB called and made me feel better.

Anyway, that was day 7. I made it 1 week sans Hawk. There have been horribly horribly shitty days and not so bad days. Days where I made my MasterCard sweat and days where I made my cat hug me. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. For your sake, I hope it’s hilarious.

For my sake, I hope it’s a Trampage.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Breakup Diaries: Day 6

Gravol-comas and 8:30 classes do not mix well. That is the lesson I learned on day 6. My alarm went off at 7 (ya…I’m high maintenance…that’s fancy-talk for hot, jerks) and I’m pretty sure I died a little. With gravol flowing through my veins, I rolled over and grunted. The kitten started purring like a machine and settled on my chest. I was still half in my dream about being a contestant on “The Bachelor: Rome” (I’m not even attracted to that weasel-faced douche, but hey – action is action). The gravol within was fighting valiantly…

ThePeach: But…class…
ThePeach: …wanna…learn….get…good marks….
ThePeach:…go…to…grad school...
ThePeach: …leave Universitytown….and FauxHawk…forever…
ThePeach:…oh…Bachelor-Rome…how can I ever thank you…for the diamonds and gold…and the Korean slaves…

I’m officially off the gravol diet starting tonight.

After class (which I slept in), I felt the pangs of a familiar old lover: hunger. For the first time in 6 days! Rejoice! Although secretly I was a little upset that I would no longer be getting skinny as a result of the heartbreak. Stupid bodily survival instincts – you ruin everything!

I decided to celebrate my return to solid food with a Tim Horton’s Breakfast Sandwich.

Now, here’s some advice from ThePeach:

When you haven’t eaten solid food in 6 days, it’s probably not wise to start with a sandwich whose contents include a gelatinous egg-unit pulled out of a drawer filled with other gelatinous egg-units. Maybe start with some crackers or something. The egg-unit? A poor choice. Unless you like intestinal rot. In which case I know where there’s an entire drawer of gelatinous egg-units!

After the egg-unit incident, things were pretty mundane and blah. I fucked around on the internet for 4 hours, felt sorry for myself, until…


Sweet mother of Christ, yes. My friend, OfficeMate, surprised me and borrowed 2 teeny little baby puppies from a friend for an hour in the afternoon. I talked in an obnoxious high-pitched baby-voice the entire time. I wanted to punch myself in the mouth but it was still awesome. I smiled. I cradled teeny, shivering puppies. My uterus quivered. All was well for 1 hour. Best therapy ever.

And, because I am in an oddly giving mood, I want to share the good feeling with you:

Also, I wanted to post a picture of my knockers.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Milo is Disabled

Seriously...he has behavioural and mental deficits. The plastic that he is trapped under is the plastic that I used to cover the futon in his "piss all over ThePeach's life" phase. Now his peepee plastic is a fort. Or the eventual cause of his death, whatever. The important thing is that I took a picture before I rescued him. I'm good that way.


The Breakup Diaries: Day 5

Today is the day where irony kicks me in the box.

I had class today, and I hadn’t done any readings all week what with the all-consuming sobbing and all. So an hour before class I delved into some Renaissance Poetry (did you just throw up a little? I did).

My readings consisted of 80 sonnets about love.
80 sonnets. About love. About falling in love. About being in love. About loving love. About telling your bitch, through verse, that you love her.

Ya…Jebus is a tricksy, tricksy whore.

As if reading those 80 motherfucking sonnets wasn’t torturous enough, I then had to sit through an hour and a half of class where we discussed what the sonnets meant to us. I’m glad I didn’t get called on, because my most meaningful contribution would have been to hurl onto my desk and say “that’s what love means to me” or to throw my clipboard at someone’s jugular. There are a lot of big-headed socially retarded people in my class that I don’t think humanity would miss having around.

Also, in one week I have to give a presentation. On love sonnets. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far (I’ve put a lot of thought and effort into it):

“WHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!????? WWWWHHHHHYYYYY GGGGGOOOODDDDDD???!!!! *dry heave* IIIIIIII HAAAAAATEEEEE YOUUUUUU!!!! *swig of vodka, eyes class warily* You all can go to hell. Don’t judge me. I made some love for you right here: *throws feces*”

What do you think? Be kind – I’m fragile. Now, if only I could learn to shoot daggers out of eyes for real, I’d be all set.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Breakup Diaries: Day 4

CockDoc and TigerCat made me eat. I did laundry, so I don’t have to smell and look like a homeless person anymore. The kitten bit my nose. Hard. I cuddled him anyway because rough love is better than no love.

My mom called and tried to make me feel better by talking in her breathy voice:

Peach-Mom: Hhhhhiiii Peeeeeach. Hhhhhow aaaaare yyyyyyyouuuuu?
ThePeach: …fine…I’ll be fine…
Peach-Mom: Wwwwwellll, Iiiiii llllllooooveeee youuuuuu, sssssweeeetiiiieeee.
ThePeach: *shudder*

I’m a mess. A hot mess, but a mess.


The Breakup Diaries: Day 3

Starbucks Tea: $2.00
Aveda Beauty Products: $90.00
Family Guy Season 4 Dvd: $50.00
Novel: "Get Published": $10.00
Matt Barber Concert Ticket: $10.00
God knows how many Gin and Tonics: ??$$

Filling the void in my soul with material goods/alcohol: priceless.

Also, Matt Barber is a hot man who knows his way around a harmonica. We eye-fucked a little. It's 2am and I'm not crying. Thank you jesus, mary, joseph, etc.

Yours in gravol-coma induced sleeps,


Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Breakup Diaries: Day 2

Here's a fun new experiment. Let's see if misery for me = humorous for you.

Here is Day 2 of the breakup:

1. Woke up sobbing. Kitten likes to eat tears. He likes the salt. My face is all raspy from rough kitten tongue-loving.
2. Shower/cry. Skip breakfast. Skip all meals. Food makes me hurl. Breakups make me skinny?
3. Go to work. I need the distraction. TheBoss comes to check in on me, which is creepy. He puts his hand on my shoulder and tells me I'm a beautiful woman. I cry harder, mainly because I don't want to be ass-raped in my vulnerable state.
4. 2 hours of no crying. Miracle. I manically search the internet for grad schools I can apply to, or other ways to get me out of Universitytown as fast as fucking possible. TheNurse told me that a strip-club around the corner from where she lives in NZ is hiring stripper for $150/hour. Very seriously consider this option. I miss TheNurse.
5. It starts to blizzard outside. In October. It rained every day since FauxHawk and I broke up, and now it is blizzarding. That seems about right.
6. Go home. Hug kitten. Kitten is angelic bundle of love for 5 minutes, until he starts chasing demons.
7. Decide to take down FauxHawk pictures. Curl up in a ball and sob for 2 hours. TheHubby babysits me via msn. I love TheHubby.
8. TheHippie takes me to the lesbian gym for some distraction. I choose the lesbian gym so that I won't run into FauxHawk. And to surround myself with the sweet, tender love of lesbians. I do a half-assed run and want to pass out. Food would probably be a good idea at some point. I love TheHippie.
9. Frances comes over with $40 worth of pizza, chicken, and brownies. I love Frances. If I ever go dyke I'll totally do her first. The delivery man hits on us. I eat one piece of pizza and want to hurl my guts out. Frances babysits me for 3 hours.
10. TheCrazy and TOP make me go out. I cry in the bar but they are understanding. I love them. They buy my drinks. I do not get shmammered because I don't want to do the ugly cry in the bar. One of their friends asks me out. He must like miserable, crying messes. I say no for now but he makes me promise to consider it later on. Whatever. I'm claiming a-sexuality. And I'll cut off my right leg before I date another doctor.
11. TOP walks me home. I sob. It's a recurring theme. I check my email and my english prof has emailed me twice to say not to bother writing the essay that is supposed to be due monday (I told her what happened in the hopes she would be understanding). She told me she'd re-weight my other assignments. She calls me "sweet, sweet Peach", which makes me cry. My prof is my new best friend.
12. Gravol/sleep-med cocktail. Sob myself to sleep with kitten's raspy tongue scraping along my cheek. ow.

So, that was day 2. How many more of these do I have to fucking go through before I'm normal again? My tear ducts hurt. Thank god I have babysitters. I need one for today, by the way. Anyone who reads this and wants to babysit me should call me. I won't be fun and I won't pay you. Sound fun?