Thursday, January 26, 2006

Another typical (msn) conversation with TheHippie

TheHippie: I've hit a new low.
ThePeach: What are you talking about?
TheHippie: I'm eating chocolate icing on an english muffin. It's really not good.
ThePeach: Jesus Christ! I judgment.
TheHippie: I craved cake and thought this might taste like it, but it just tastes like whole-wheat english muffin with icing.
ThePeach: If it makes you feel better, I'm currently eating icing straight from the can myself!
TheHippie: I really should have just done that.
ThePeach: Probably. Just go buy a brownie. I already had one today.
TheHippie: Ok, I'll get one on my way back from the gym. Actually fuck no, I'll just go get a brownie in lieu of going to the gym.
ThePeach: That's what I did. Fucking PMS.
TheHippie: Indeed.

This was 3 days ago. To prove that we are not total ass, we went to Power Yoga last night. And then back home to our respective cans of icing.

Fucking PMS.

The Peach.

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thehippie said...

today i tried the icing on a bran muffin. way better than the english muffin, but still not cake. damn i need some cake.