Friday, January 27, 2006

The Boss on Homosexuality

I just had a nice, long morning meeting with The Boss. It was almost 2 hours long and mainly consisted of my sleeping with my eyes open. But it also, unfortunately, consisted of the following conversation:

The Boss: So, I was at a conference this weekend and some buddies and I were making fun of gay guys *giggle*.
The Peach: Oh?
The Boss: Ya, now we have this inside joke where we call gay guys "broke-back guys", you know, from that movie BrokeBack Mountain.
The Peach: I really want to see that movie, actually.
The Boss: I've heard it's a nice love story, although the guy-on-guy is a little tough to swallow.
The Peach: *waits for it*...
The Boss: No pun intended! *giggle*
The Peach: (theeere it is) *nervous laughter*
The Boss: Oh man, you are bad!

And all this before my morning caffeine intake.

The Peach

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