Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Meet TheHussy

So I went over to watch a movie with TheNurse and her friend, TheHussy. Here are some of the things that TheHussy randomly said, being completely serious, during the evening:

"I'm glad I lived in a girl's residence. I don't want to take a deuce with a guy in the next stall."

"Cricket is truly a gentleman's sport."

"Whatever happened to UNICEF?"

"Brown guys are hot. I'd marry one, but I want to be able to work outside the home and not get beaten".

"He's a *voice changes to a whisper* homo".

"I got drunk and called her a bitch. And then, when I looked into her eyes, it was like looking at bambi after his mother was shot."

"My ex is really Canadian looking. He looks like he should be in a steak commercial".

I heart TheHussy.


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