Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Peach likes lesbians

I wanted to apologize if I insulted any lesbians in my last post. I love lesbians. Frankly, after all the crapola I've been through with men, I'm surprised that I'm not one. And I don't think that just because you prefer the side-ways smile means that you're after mine. I know that I'm far too high-maintenance and princessy to attract any real lesbians. I've been told this many times, by people both straight and gay. The possible-lesbians I referred to in my last post were probably confused, and only attracted to me because I wore a bathing cap and had big shoulders at the time.

I just did it again, didn't I? Fuck it, nothing I say will ever be PC.

The Peach


Peaches' Fuzz Licker said...

First of all Peach...I am completely shattered that you would deny a lesbian love so pure and virginally white as ours. You know how your sideways smile brings a twinkle to my eye. How your furry axe wound creates a stir in the coccles of my heart. How your lovely and succulent pink taco tickles soul. You are not the biological fruit of your mother's womb that rotted, you are the fruit that fills my womb with DYKE pride!

So hang your banner and fly your rainbow flag high my sweet sweet furry love triangled friend....for we are the women of the ya ya's....the labia lickers of the night!

The Peach said...

Oh one of my oldest friends, Xena, who may or may not be my lover. And may or may not want to lay off drinking at work.