Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A typical conversation with my hetero life partner, TheHippie:

ThePeach: Did you buy cheese for your wine and cheese?
TheHippie: Ya, but now I want to eat it.
ThePeach: Tricky...but if you eat half, maybe no one will know. Arrange what's left on a plate.
TheHippie: And if I add no-name crackers to it, it will be an elegant plate!

I love my life partner. and cheese.

The Peach

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thehippie said...

due to the recent apocalyptic weather in universitytown, i have renounce my hippie ways and embraced a life of glamour and unnecessary waste. why, this week alone i've worn gap clothing every day (yes some of them were second hand) and (almost) didn't recycle 2 empty pop cans. i am a changed woman!