Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Why I don't like going to restaurants with my grandfather:

My grandfather drives down to universitytown about once a month to take me for brunch. He's 79, in good health, and I'm definitely grandpa's girl. But lately...he's been acting funny.

For instance, the last time he picked me up, I noticed a blinking sound in the car that I couldn't quite place. I ignored it.

He also has this apparatus on his giant old-man car that emits a beeping sound when he backs up (like on a tractor-trailer). As usual, people stared when we backed into the parking spot.

In the restaurant, this is what he said to the young, probably scarred waitress: "you have a small stain on your blouse, miss, right below your breast-line."

When we left the restaurant, I discovered what the blinking sound was: his 4 way flashers, which had been on the entire drive to university-town.

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