Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Why I hate Universitytown

This is so typical of my town.

I was just at the gym where a lot of the students “work-out”, a.k.a. flit about in their new lululemons, finger-comb their hair as they walk on the treadmill, and leave as soon as they either produce a drop of sweat or get someone’s phone number.

Anyway, I overheard this conversation, verbatim, in the change-room:

TanBlondeHo#1: So, I’m going to move to Calgary when I graduate.
TanBlondeHo#2: What will you do there?
TBH#1: Buy property. Real estate is so hot there right now.
TBH#2: Can you afford that?
TBH#1: Well, I’m going to have to cut down on the Louis Vuitton hand bags!
Both: *pretentious laughter*.

And these are students! Students!! When I was a student I lived off of minute rice and the sweet teat of OSAP.


The Peach

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