Saturday, January 28, 2006

Why Living in the 'Real World' Can Really Blow Ass

As I’ve mentioned, I’m no longer a student and I actually work for a living. This has some definite perks, such as having a semi-normal sleep schedule (no more nocturnalism for me!), having time to go to the gym (no more needing to lie down after climbing a flight of stairs for me!), having time to cook and eat (you mean there’s more to life than no-name minute rice?), and growing back most of the hair that fell out from stress in my last year of university.

But then, some days, it really blows.

Days when you realize that all of your friends are still in school and need to study on a weekend or that your friends who aren’t in school (re: TheNurse) are working nights, and are too busy cleaning up feces and looking at old-woman vag (she likes some kinky-ass shit…just kidding, she works on the gyne floor) to entertain you. Or days when your boyfriend, who can usually be counted on to be neither studying nor working (med school is so hard), is out of town.

Or days like yesterday when all of those things were true at once, and I spent my night eating icing out of the can (it’s almost gone, and then I shall never purchase canned icing again), lounging around in my skivvies since the heat in my apartment is set at a constant 30 degrees (the landlord controls it...I bet you there's a hidden camera in here somewhere), and alternating between staring at my msn list to see who I could sucker into talking to me (no one – even my mom was offline) and trying to download sex tetris off the internet, to no success. 4 episodes of sex and the city, 2 pulled muscles from naked yoga, and 1 bowl of buttered popcorn later it was finally a reasonable time to go to bed and sleep as long as possible so as to not have to try to entertain myself the next day.

God bless TheHippie, who is seeing a movie with me tonight, because otherwise I would be stuck trying to entertain myself again. And I’m afraid I’ll turn into Bridget Jones circa. the drinking vodka alone, picking yesterday’s underwear off the back of your legs, and crying in the bath-tub phase.

Not that there's anything wrong with drinking alone.

The Peach

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thehippie said...

so after hearing all the brokeback mountain jokes, thepeach and i decided to go see the movie so we could have some witty comebacks. really we just wanted to see some guy on guy action that didnt involve sketchy actors on sat night showcase. it was a very good movie. after the rolling credits, thepeach said to me "i was sad, intrigued and aroused the whole movie". i agreed. i've decided i need to find me a cowboy. hopefully one that doesnt prefer it up the ass.