Monday, February 20, 2006

A little bit random

Do you ever have one of those weekends where you tell yourself that you’re going be productive, and then you binge-drink for 3 nights in a row and wake up on the last day with no clean clothes, no food in the house, and no idea what happened?

That was my weekend. Except that it was a 3-day weekend thanks to my new favourite stat holiday, Heritage Day. Today, I am celebrating my heritage of being a useless bum by watching a “10 years younger” marathon, wearing (dirty) sweatpants, and cat-sitting for my ex-bf’s (TheTeen) cat.

In reality, it is my cat. I picked her out of the litter of other little stick-legged grey kittens a year and a half ago. I took her to the vet and paid for all of her kitten accessories. I shut her in the bedroom when TheTeen hot-boxed the living room to prevent neurological damage. I was a good kitty-mommy.

But then I left TheTeen for FauxHawk (an excellent decision) and he kept the cat because TheBitches wouldn’t let me keep her in the house. So, now I have FauxHawk but no cat. And much less pot. It was a trade-off.

But every once in a while TheTeen takes off and needs a cat-sitter, and I throw myself at every opportunity. Now that I live alone, she can stay with me for weeks at a time. She really is the best cat. Although each time I see her she is a little bit fatter and a little bit stupider. Just like TheTeen.

Anyway, having her here for the week should be interesting. She enjoys waking me up at 6am by stepping on my face, running around like a bat out of hell during the middle of the night, and throwing herself, spread-eagle style, at my legs. She also likes squeezing her head into impossibly tiny glasses of water and using her “I just cleaned my ass” tongue to taint any liquids that I leave sitting around. I brush my teeth a lot when she’s around. She’s a good cat.

I’m so hungover.


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