Monday, March 06, 2006

An idea of what it's like to be in your early twenties

To give you a beautiful example of what it’s like to be in your early twenties - stuck somewhere between enjoying your youth by drinking yourself to death every night and mourning your old age by drinking yourself to death every night - here is a sample of the msn names on my list of friends right now:

- Dear (universitytown university), why are you so adverse to your students getting into grad school?
- I might get kicked out of tomb-raiding school for that midterm :(
- Work, meeting, class, brass practice. Ugh, I think I have old person burn-out.
- Someone left a bag full of meat on the kitchen table and now it’s all rotten!!
- Yo, today is the first time I saw a woodpecker.
- Today I am officially old.
- Napping. On nights tonight.
- What a peachy weekend…why does school have to go ruin it?
- Can I please not be sick anymore?
- Star Athlete. Whatever that means.
- Who needs elected representatives?
- We’re not in the Jazz Band. We ARE the Jazz Band!
- Class then work…need more sleep!!
- My business always bores me to death. I prefer other people’s.
- I have a tendency to wear my mind on my sleeve. I have a history of losing my shirt.
- Need help. Suggest something to research for intimate relationships class.
- My office has a great view of a concrete wall.
- No longer 23 :(

And finally…

Here is a conversation I had with ThePilot today that illustrates – perfectly – what it’s like to be in your early twenties:

ThePilot: Peach, we need to talk.
ThePeach: It scares me when you call me by name.
ThePilot: It scares me when I see kids at work and think that they’re cute.
ThePeach: Pedophile cute or parental cute?
ThePilot: The 2nd one.
ThePeach: I’m not sure which answer scares me more.
ThePilot: I’m really glad I ran this by you before I told my other friends.
ThePeach: That’s what I’m here for.
ThePilot: To clarify, I’m not a pedophile.
ThePeach: You’re going to love my next blog entry.

It’s just such a magical time!



Ian said...

...still not a pedophile...

Anonymous said...

it's such a special moment when your friends start to censor themselves for fear of being immortalized in blog form...