Monday, March 20, 2006

Ode to TheHippie in Sonnet Form

TheHippie is a truly stellar girl
with a black-chick ass that just never quits.
I can honestly say she rocks my world
in her Birkenstocks or her stripey mitts.
She loves to recycle and eat tofu
and we drink until everything’s a blur.
She’ll justify anything that I do
like eating 3 dinners (I learned from her).
One time, in Stella (her echo sedan)
we grooved to easy rock for seven hours.
We’re in love – but not romantically, man
but if we were I’d send her cheese – not flowers.
I wrote her this ‘cause she had a bad day
Please don’t interpret it to mean I’m gay.

Seriously - not gay.



thehippie said...

don't worry guys, my yesterday improved - i yelled obscenities at all the bitches that got in jack bauers way on 24, and then i got some action from TheTempBF. harmony in the world is restored.

thepeach said...

Yelling at bitches and getting action always improves my mood, too. In fact, I think I'm going to go find some bitches to yell at right now. I'm on way to the gym, where there should be whores a'plenty.