Thursday, April 27, 2006

My Cat Smells Like Feces

I’m not sure why, but Milo smells like rotten ass. It started out as something that I could ignore, but now the smell has become so pungent that I’m starting to get worried about him. Why does he smell like sour feces? He doesn’t seem sick. In fact, he is tearing through my apartment like a bat out of hell as I type this. I am perplexed. And a little nauseous, frankly.

I’m also drunk at 10pm. This isn’t unusual, except that my night is over instead of starting. Allow me to explain. I went to our local bar to watch the hockey game with FauxHawk, T.O.P, TheCrazy, El Fart (TheCrazy’s bf) and TheDiva. The game started at 7pm and I was drunk soon after. But unfortunately, I am lame and had no plans afterwards and came home to hang out with my rancid-smelling kitten. Drunk.

Oh my god this is sad. I will post something entertaining tomorrow, I promise.

There are some things I’m better at when I’m drunk. Like dancing, the sex, and threatening to beat up thugs.

I’ll stick to writing sober.


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