Monday, June 12, 2006

This is Your Brain on Drugs

TheHippie and I went to the mall yesterday. On the way there, we had the following conversation:

ThePeach: So, the commie newspaper I work for wants me to review a lesbian play on Wednesday night.
TheHippie: A lesbian play?
ThePeach: Ya. It’s a play about a lesbian who gets breast cancer. It’s a 1-woman show. It has the potential to be the worst. play. ever.
TheHippie:…I think it sounds good.
ThePeach: Ok, so you want to come with me!?
TheHippie:*throaty voice* Damned right I do!
ThePeach: Huzzah! Here’s to dykeing it out on Wednesday!
TheHippie: To Wednesday!

On the way home from the mall, about 2 hours later – after trying on every pair of pants in every store and deciding that clothes are made for stick insects and that the 90’s didn’t really need to make a fashion comeback (a denim vest? In the gap? Really?) – we had the following conversation:

ThePeach: So, do you want to watch Canada’s Next Top Model with me on Wednesday?
TheHippie: *throaty voice* Damned right I do!
ThePeach: Sweet yo, I love that fucking show!
TheHippie: Me too!! You said it’s on Wednesday night?
ThePeach: Ya.
TheHippie:…I feel like there’s something I’m supposed to do on Wednesday…but what?
*5 minutes of puzzled thought elapse*
ThePeach: *eureka* You’re supposed to go to the dyke play on Wednesday. With me.
TheHippie: Shit. That was it.

We really need to stop smoking pot.


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WeeOne said...

now it makes more sense on why i sit around here wondering where the hell i put my camera.. and then i remember its in my bag... and not hanging around my neck.

drugs... stay away!

wait a minute.. im in europe. and am planning on going to amsterdam. meh!
miss you gals!