Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Yet Another Meeting With TheBoss

I just had a meeting with TheBoss this morning. It started out as pretty typical, with him frantically asking me to do something for him and me soothing him and reminding him that I did it 2 weeks ago, and then him telling me that I’m DA BOMB. But then…things got…weird…

TheBoss: Your hair is very pretty today!
ThePeach: Why, thank you!
TheBoss: You did something different to it.
ThePeach: It’s dry. I’m getting a haircut today and I want to look nice for the hairdresser. (by the way, to the mens out there: this is perfectly reasonable logic).
TheBoss: Don’t change it!! It looks so good the way it is!
TheBoss: You’ve been working out, too, haven’t you?
ThePeach: Umm well I guess I went to the gym yesterday.
ThePeach: excuse me?
TheBoss: FLEX YOUR ARMS! Teehee!!
ThePeach: *thinks: theeeere it is*…ok *flexes arms*
TheBoss: Somebody better call a plumber, BECAUSE THOSE PIPES ARE ABOUT TO EXPLODE!!! *frantic giggling fit*
TheBoss: Good for you for working your arms! You know what else working your arms will do?
ThePeach: *oh jesus christ* what?
TheBoss *whispers* make your breasts even firmer *winks*
ThePeach: *awkward silence*
TheBoss: TeeHee!!

Ya…so that was my meeting. I’m not used to so many (awkward/creepy/embarrassing/harassing) compliments from him. Usually he just pinches my almost non-existent side-fat and calls me a tubby.

My conclusion: TheBoss wants something that he knows I will hate. Hopefully it doesn’t involve ass sex, but I can’t be sure. Most likely, he’ll ask me this afternoon to write him a paper that he’ll publish under his name. again.

I’d almost rather take it up the pooper.


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thehippie said...

the importance of looking beautiful and fashionable before going to the hairdressers cannot be underestimated. otherwise they give you some hideous mullet haircut with skunk like highlights. i swear.