Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Breakup Diaries: Day 4

CockDoc and TigerCat made me eat. I did laundry, so I don’t have to smell and look like a homeless person anymore. The kitten bit my nose. Hard. I cuddled him anyway because rough love is better than no love.

My mom called and tried to make me feel better by talking in her breathy voice:

Peach-Mom: Hhhhhiiii Peeeeeach. Hhhhhow aaaaare yyyyyyyouuuuu?
ThePeach: …fine…I’ll be fine…
Peach-Mom: Wwwwwellll, Iiiiii llllllooooveeee youuuuuu, sssssweeeetiiiieeee.
ThePeach: *shudder*

I’m a mess. A hot mess, but a mess.


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