Thursday, October 19, 2006

ThePeach Experiences Heart-Break; Doesn’t Enjoy It

FauxHawk and I broke up for real/good/ever last night. I’m devastated, not gonna lie. They should make a pill for heart-break, because it’s the worst feeling in the world. If they can make a pill to allow old men to get erections, why can’t they do this? Is geriatric sex really a top priority?

How are you supposed to move on when you’re both still in love with each other? Does it ever happen? And while I’m asking questions, how do I stop crying at work? Because it’s getting awkward for the janitor and the tim horton's napkins really chafe my nose.

Day 1 of the breakup and I already want to die. Awesome. I’d go home and hug the kitten, but he’ll just eat my face and that will make me cry more. How do you get over 2 years of your life? Wine?

Fauxhawk will probably read this and think I’m pathetic. Fuck it.

Fuck it all.



Asian cymbals said...

Dear ThePeach,

This sucks.

I wish you much soul-quenching wallowing, and when that's done, may you emerge whole and ready to face the world with brave eyes and a hopeful heart.

Maybe you should dabble in lesbianian? Rock out with your vock out?

Shit, my boss is here. Gotta go.

Love you,

the hippie said...

just wait til you're elderly....then we'll see about priorities.

hugs and kisses and tender love to you,

the hippie

weeone said...

With time... the broken heart will pass and things will be better and you'll be stronger b/c of it.

Key word unfortunately ... with time.

i hate broken hearts.

with lots love from the left coast :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you're sad. If I was still in the lab, I'd bring you some Kleenex.... real Kleenex, not the Shopper's Life brand shit.

I hope other things in your life don't go poorly for the next few weeks so it doesn't wear you out, and that you can focus on attending to you.

Wow, this is going a lot more emo than I had expected.... sorry man!

Slanty-eyed ex labber

Strathspey and Reel said...

Dear Peach,

We love your blog. We think you are the funniest writer on the internet. We're so sorry to hear about the breakup. Hope your heart heals fast.

Sending our love from Vancouver,

Dancer Girl '04 and Dancer Boy '03

Evil Bird said...

At least you're a babe and you have a great rack. Remember how your nips were always super hard in synchro? Sure it seemed devastating when we were 15, but who's laughing now?

And aren't you happy that you have fans from Vancouver, aka Dancer Girl and Boy? Shit, my mom will barely listen to all my witty life commentary, let alone people from the other side of the country.

muah muah muah, sending you heartmending vibes and wishing I had hard nips like you.