Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Afternoon Sucks, Too

I just licked 40 large envelopes. I lost my glue-stick, my usual envelope-sealing weapon of choice. I just licked 40 fucking envelopes.

Ow, my brain-stem.

I have this sudden urge to drink shoe-polish and move up north...



thepilot said...

fort chaching beckons you and your illicit drug consuming ways.

Asian cymbals said...


What did I say about using a small dampened sponge or paper towel???

I can't believe you licked forty envelopes! Sick!!


The Legend said...

you must have a glue fetish to do all that envelope licking. Either that or you're looking for escape by severely paper-cutting your tongue

Billy said...

LTD for excess envelope licking... good plan!

Can you get carpal tunnel in your tongue?

There's a joke there, but I haven't finished my coffee yet....