Thursday, January 11, 2007

Milo is an Atheist; Hates ThePeach

I think Milo has rejected both religions, here. Santa is a religion, right? To me, picture 1 says "Oy, I'm going to eat your soul." and picture 2 says "ho-ho-ho, I'm about to bite your cornea."

Please don't call animal services. They'll take him away. And then who will vomit in my bed? Other than myself every other Saturday.




Tigercat said...

God he hates that santa hat. Whenever you put it on him he spazzes the crap out. He contorts his little body and his arms move in a flurry of motion, (not unlike a tard dancing).

Too soon?


thepilot said...

Are you gonna be one of those women who walks around with a little Chihuahua wearing a sweater in her purse, Peach?

Because if so, our marriage is OFF.

Cleavage said...

Pilot, that's only women whose husbands won't put out or don't satisfy...they replace teeny tiny little penises with teeny tiny little dogs. So all I'm sayin' is...

thepilot said...

Since we're not yet married, I assume you're telling me Peach has already secretly married a man with a miniscule penis?

That hussy!