Saturday, March 03, 2007

ThePeach Has a Reality Check

TheHubby: So, this is what our lives have come to. It's friday night, we're standing in the bathtub, smoking pot, through the window, out of someone else bong, and excited because we found a candy necklace in the bathroom.

ThePeach: Oh god. We're only one step ahead of eating a lifesaver that we find behind the toilet.

Pot makes us cool.



Cleavage said...

*sniff sniff*
I wants the pot too :( I wants the pot to put me to sleep, so I don't have to listen to my housemate and her new paramour through our shared heating grate.

weeone said...

im glad that mr. greenjeans is getting good use ;)

theHubby said...

Hey, we showed restraint though....we didn't eat the candy necklace. It's just about the only thing I didn't eat, but that's the life of a fat kid!

The Peach said...

We didn't eat the pudding!!