Friday, May 09, 2008

Ah shit.

I just met TigerCat downtown for some TGIF-I managed to go another week without punching TheBoss in the throat-I ate a donut every day this week and I'm depressed-my pants feel snug and I'm not sure why-what do you mean it was the donuts?-fuck you, it's my clothes-let's buy new clothes - shopping fun! The plan, seeing as how my poor mastercard is still in recovery, was just to go to the ghetto department store and buy some discount heels to prop my ass up a little and thus give off the illusion of a non-donut lifestyle.

Here is what actually happened:

$30 on discount shoes.
$200 at the pants store.


It was an accident. I just went in to look. Then things got kind of blurry and the next I remember is standing on the sidewalk with a pair of jeans in my bag and a $200 mastercard receipt in my hand. Somewhere, the mastercard phone-lady is cackling with pleasure and TheNurse is getting her bitch-slap hand ready.

My name is ThePeach and I have a pants problem.


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