Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ThePeach's Life Defined

A few weeks ago I added a stat-counter to my blog. I’m a whore for readership but I’m also curious about how often my blog gets read. I guess that makes me a curious whore: the curious little ginny.

Anyway, this site blows me away. It is a stalker’s DREAM, ie. MY DREAM. I can see who reads my blog, how long they stay there, how often they check, and what page they come from. For example: an unknown IP user in Japan googled “Kraft LiveActive Cheese” on May 7th, ended up hitting my blog because of THIS entry, and then read through my archives for 20 hours! 20 hours! I’m taking over Japan! Like Godzirra, but with slightly less mayhem.

I decided to see what other items people have googled when they’ve hit my blog, and this is the list stat-counter gave me (word for word, scout’s honour):

Shiny shorts
Dating a gynecologist
Kraft liveactive sucks
We fuck guys like whores on tequila
cycling shitting pants
motorboat her
diaper pyramid
Canada yamulkah
Kitten vomit
Satanist fasting to break up families
labia lickers
spy cleavage
you can see down her shirt
peach love lesbian
Cat pee
Drank until I puke

This is my life. These are the key-words to my life. Shiny shorts and kitten vomit and drank until I puke.

This is my legacy. This is my legend.


ps – bonus marks for anyone who can figure out which stories these keywords are matched to. I think I got all of them.


Anonymous said...

Your stats on how often they check, do they include stats for those of us who are actually to lazy to come here but instead use the built in RSS feed?

The Peach said...

...what's an RSS feed? My know-how of electronics is very limited, ha.

Anonymous said...

when you're looking at your blog, in your browser's address bar does a little orange box with what looks like radio waves appear? (it might be in different spots, depending on the browser...)
If you click it, you can have your browswer just tell you whenever the page is updated. :P

Much easier.