Saturday, August 16, 2008

Something To Tide You Over

I know I badly need to update this shit pit. And I will. But in the mean time, here is something I have been waiting 3 years to post. I'm unemployed now - what's he going to do? Fire me? Nay. Sue me? Maybe. It's still worth it.

I give you: Michael Scott, the obnoxious boss on tv's "The Office"

I also give you, for the first time ever, in his natural habitat, TheBoss:Ya. Twins. It's so terrifying that it's hilarious. And the worst part is that The Office is one of my favourite shows on tv and I watch it religiously. I can't escape TheBoss. Ever. This is my pain. Feel it. Roll in it. Eat it.

I will end this post by yet again stealing Asian Cymbals' signature Haiku move.

Beady eyes pierce me.
Why must tv mock my life?
He's with me always.



Anonymous said...

er...warning... identifying info in image title! Danger! Danger! Alert! Alert!!!

The Peach said...

thanks, anon. you just saved me a potential lawsuit. I owe you a gin.

Tania said...

Cathartic, isn't it?

Congrats on getting your ass outta there!

Anonymous said...

That picture looks suspiciously like the MySpace school of photography- with those hunched shoulders he looks rather as if he's taking the picture himself. At least it's not taken in his bathroom mirror.