Saturday, August 02, 2008

ThePeach Moves in with FauxHawk: UPDATE

Day 4 of living together: The cat takes a massive piss on the carpet. In the bedroom. Right beside FauxHawk's side of the bed. That's new. The cat sulks into the bedroom and implores me with his wide eyes and slumped shoulders to forgive him. I am too busy scrubbing piss out of the carpet with oxy clean and a nail brush. Forgive him with secret cuddles as FauxHawk sleeps with hand over nose.

Day 5 of living together: The cat chews on the whammy pedal of FauxHawk's wii-guitar, leaving bite marks all over it. I yell at the cat, and he immediately bolts into the kitchen and vomits. Swell.

Day 6 of living together: Have been awake for 2 hours but haven't seen the cat yet. Suspect FauxHawk beat him to death with wii-guitar and hid body as I slept. I am distressed. Bastard cat is my only ally.

Here, kitty...


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Cleavage said...

you haven't seen the furry bastard because fauxhawk snuck out of bed for some illicit'll find them curled up in the closet, the picture of innocence.