Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yep. She's My Sister.

TigerCat is very accomplished. At the tender age of 22 she is already the manager of sales and catering for a prominent hotel. She wears business suits and high heels. She gets bonuses. She goes on business trips and visits trade shows. At the age of 22 I was waking up on bar bathroom floors and hunching over milk crates drinking cup-o-soup. I’m 25 and all that has changed is my increasing pant size and liver deterioration.

So, sometimes I worry that I am…how should I put it?...the drunk bum sister.

And then my sister messaged me tonight from her trade show in the big city:

TigerCat: Yo.
ThePeach: Hey! How’s the trade show?
TigerCat: It’s fine. Busy. I’ll be home tomorrow.
ThePeach: Oh, good. What else have you been up to in the big city?
TigerCat: I got stupid drunk last night, ended up in the gay district at a drag queen talent show, and puked the rest of the night alone in my hotel room.
ThePeach: Oh my god.
TigerCat: I had, like, 15 drinks. I was still puking all morning but I made it to the trade show. I wasn’t very chipper, though.
ThePeach: I love you.

I really do.



Anonymous said...

Those ladies had amazing bodies. For the whole night I was convinced that they must really be women until we were looking at pictures from last night and you can see one of the "ladies" man bits hanging out from her/his fabulous dress. God bless trannies.


Tania said...

LOL - I saw not only my FIRST but also SECOND transvestite yesterday while visiting the 'gay' district. At least, the first and second ones that I KNOW of. ;P