Thursday, September 04, 2008

Grad School =

- Waking up at 6:30am. So that's what dawn looks like? My soul aches.

- Slightly classier frosh barbeques. Yesterday's came with real plates and salad. But was still mainly grade-F Maple Leaf Hot Dogs. Listeria is gonna be fun times.

- I fall asleep at 10pm. Dead, coma sleep. My blue hair grows in on Monday.

- Black Revolutionist Poets in my classes who introduce themselves by spontaneously breaking into a 5 minute performance poem about the renunciation of their slave name. I'll never introduce myself to anyone in a rasta hat again.

- bank balance of NEGATIVE 900 dollars. So far. Still have to buy textbooks, printer toner, and pay all bills. Would consider hookering self, but am too tired to walk to street corner.

- Only free time in which to update blog = 6:49am. Prease to be understanding of shitty post?

Send canned food,



Anonymous said...

funny that you are just getting up..i'm currently on night shift and have yet to go to sleep

Anonymous said...

We miss you, Peach!

I, too am up at 0649. And 0430... and 0230... and so on. Addy sends her love.