Monday, September 22, 2008

How to Calculate "Suck at life"

Here's a handy formula in case you, too, ever want to suck at life:

[1 boring essay x 1 entire night set aside to write it / 5 good hours procrastination by googling charity runs, updating blog roll, calling every family member, and talking to every friend on msn] + [3 hours sleep - 30 minutes because feet too cold to sleep but too lazy to get up for socks - 20 minutes for bastard cat crawling over body and perching on other pillow to stare creepily at my face] + [6 straight hours of class today with no break - doing readings - having time to make self look like less of troll + blogging instead of showering] = Suck at Life.

Ah, monday.



thehippie said...

wow, im pretty impressed with the mathematical concepts you used. thats at least a B in gr. 4 math, way to go!

Anonymous said...

"we're here to help you billy to get back in school to stayyyyy! you gotta work real hard and stick it out 'till graduation day!!!!!"

-The Kids from "Billy Madison" aka

The Peach said...

Hey kids, it's me the clown! I bet you thought I was dead! But when I fell I just broke my leg and got a hemorrhage in my head!

Omg favourite movie of life.

Anonymous said...

heyyy one of the things happened to me several nights ago too (thankfully just ONE thing). I couldn't fall asleep because of my cold feet and was too lazy to get up to get socks...

ex-office mate misses peach!