Wednesday, December 03, 2008

She Bangs, She Bangs

This is what my head looks like now.
Am I a freak? Should I invest in some kind of knitted hat until they grow out? Or should I embrace my inner-emo? Start wearing lots of black eyeliner, pout a lot, and take a sculpting class to direct my inner angst into art? Cut myself? Keep a diary? Help me decide.

By the way, I'm not naked. There are tank top straps hidden under that mane.
On the bright side, I never have to pluck my eyebrows again.

Unibrow, here I come.

ps - vote for your favourite crazy whore - now with bangs:


monobrow said...

Lucky! I wish I could stop plucking my eyebrows. Note to self: Grow out bangs.

TM said...

OMG - I loves it! I told you!!!

thepilot said...

The internet demands more pictures!