Monday, December 15, 2008

Sigh; Meow.

Oh christ.

So, remember the day I realized that I dress like the homeless? The day I realized once and for all that god really only put me on this earth to entertain him? The day I realized that my future self might involve pan-handling and all the discount clothes a bitch can wear?

Well, today I had to cover a story at a soup kitchen, and who should I run into but my favourite homeless street-hag/future self? Only in Universitytown is one able to keep in the same social circles as the homeless. She was drunk and dancing around on the sidewalk like a feisty, garbagey-smelling sprite. Of course I interviewed her. I needed, nay, craved to know how my future life would pan out.

ThePeach: So, how long have you been coming to the soup kitchen?
StreetHag: Well, I been pan-ing for gone about 10 years...and I took to the streets in long time, yas.
ThePeach: And how would you say the current economic crisis has affected your...pan-ing?
StreetHag: Well, I worrys about my cats.
ThePeach: You...have cats?
ThePeach'sBrain: *screams*
StreetHag: Oh yas. I have six cats. I worrys about how I'm gonna feed 'em, what with the economy n' all.
ThePeach: Six...cats?
StreetHag: Oh ya, yas. I started with just one but yous knows how it goes.
ThePeach'sBrain: *screams*

So. She also has cats. Of course she does.

I dress like the homeless and soon I will have a fleet of cats like the homeless.

Future self = not too far off, apparently.

Hold me. Meow.



The Science Manly said...

My friend was right, eh? ;)

The Peach said...

eff off, manly.

But yes.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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