Saturday, January 24, 2009

Journalism ruins my Saturday.

8:30 pm. Saturday night. Msn Messenger.

ThePeach: It’s Saturday night and I’m staying in to work. I hate my life.
HotMess: Me too.
ThePeach: I’m so depressed that I already ate most of my ten pound bag of bulk chocolate.
HotMess: Oh, I ate 5 pounds last night and then had to throw the rest out and squeegee liquid soap on top so I’d stop eating them out of the garbage. What were we thinking?
ThePeach: When we scavenged the bulk candy store at midnight, drunk, while your car blocked a lane of traffic? Not sure.
HotMess: Sigh.
ThePeach: I have so much work I could puke from stress. Maybe I should just get drunk alone?
HotMess: As you were typing that I was opening a box of wine. Alone. What has journalism school done to us??
ThePeach: Awful things. I ate a bacon and cheese sandwich for lunch today because I was depressed about work.
HotMess: I just ordered a pizza. What’s happening??
ThePeach: I might as well go have a redbull and gin. Let’s get this party started.
HotMess: If the party consists of you and me getting drunk and eating pizza alone in our respective houses and talking over msn while we do work, I may cry.
ThePeach: I think you know that’s exactly what the party will consist of. Except that I’ll be eating bulk chocolate.
HotMess: Happy Saturday.
ThePeach: I think this gin is helping my productivity!
HotMess: Our similiarities frighten me.
ThePeach: I know. And yet neither of us have been total disasters yet this semester! We're doing so well!
HotMess: We are sitting alone drinking alcohol and socializing via msn. That sounds like a disaster to me.
ThePeach: Happy Saturday.

Happy fucking Saturday indeed.



Erika said...

My Saturday was kind of a disaster. I woke up, went back to bed, got up again at 3 p.m., watched House, went skating (ObamaTail!), had a long, hot shower to fight back the frostbite, watched hockey, then went to bed. Oops, forgot to do work.

I wish HotMess hadn't thrown out that candy. It would've made a nice mid-FOLLOW-THE-MONEY snack.

The Peach said...

I'll bring the rest of mine if I don't hoover it all tonight.

Erika said...

You're my favourite.