Monday, January 19, 2009


10:00 pm:

TheHippie: Please tell me you're watching "Little People: Just Married" right now.
ThePeach: I had to get rid of TLC when I cancelled my cable. It is my life's single greatest tragedy.
TheHippie: That is tragic.
ThePeach: Hold me.
TheHippie: Wow. The midgets are kind of good looking.
ThePeach: You're killing me.

I also miss the fine programs such as "World's Fattest Mom" and "Half Man, Half Tree."

I hate being poor. I'm losing out on culture.

Don't even get me started on missing an entire season of "John and Kate Plus Eight." Is Leah still the littlest sextuplet? Is Maddy still a bitch? Has Colin been diagnosed with some kind of mental retardation yet? There's something wrong with that little nugget.

My life. It's lacking.



Thenurse said...

Next sunday you'll be missing "A Dugger wedding" You know the people with like 18 kids. well one is getting married. Also sounds like they havn't kissed before the wedding. There's also a scene where the dad starts to discuss the wedding night. Maybe you can download it.

weeone said...

Oh my goodness.. you will miss the gosslins moving into their new house!! If there is one channel you need to get back, its TLC; worst comes to worst i'm sure TLC is online.

Claire said...

Isn't it ironic (real ironic, not Alanis Morisette ironic) that the channel called The Learning Channel could more accurately call itself All Freak Shows, All the Time, Except for What Not to Wear?

New tagline: We're not exploiting the little people; we're giving people an Educational Experience about the little people. Also, you look fat in those mom jeans.

I should apply for a PR job there.

Anonymous said...

i feel yo' pain! since moving to the uk my tv is like poor ppl style, oh living at home with the 'rents, the luxury of 700 channels. i miss jon & kate too! hannah is my fave though, shes so wacky! and i'm pretty sure that jon hates his life and bitchy wife!
but i did spoil myself and ordered mtv uk...the love i have for super sweet sixteen will never die!

Erika said...

Ooh! I saw the tree man show.

I'm not gonna lie, I REALLY want to see A Dugger Wedding. I also want a Mama Dugger mullet.