Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hold me, part 2.

Doctor: *checks my pulse*
ThePeach's eye: *twitch*
Doctor: *listens to my breathing*
ThePeach's leg: *jerks*
Doctor: *touches my cool, clammy skin*
ThePeach's lungs: *wheeze*
Doctor: You have to stop drinking coffee. Now.
ThePeach: *SCREAM!*

I've had two coffees since my appointment.


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Cleavage said...

You could switch to decaf and get hooked on migraine pills instead. I remember QueenB doing that once when she tried to give up coffee, and being shocked when we realized how much freaking caffeine is in the migraine tabs. Or switch stimulants, maybe some speed? I promise I won't be scared, only curious where you bought it. Buying drugs from anyone except my brothers is a mystery to me.