Monday, February 09, 2009

ThePeach Channels PeeWee Herman

MC and I should not have been allowed to kickbox tonight. Between the two of us, we barely qualified as one person.

It started out as all me.

I was late for the class because my sources for a story I’m working on all decided to call me back at 5:00, when I should have been on my way out the door.

Then I forgot deodorant.

Then, because we were late, we had to run there.

Then I realized I forgot my inhaler, and the running 20 minutes in sub-zero temperature didn’t bode well for my ass-mar. I had a bad feeling that I might once again have to leave the class halfway through it so I could lie in the fetal position in the hallway and gasp for air like I have emphysema.

Then we finally made it to the gym and I realized I forgot my ID card, and had to beg the receptionist to let me into the class.

By this time MC was pretty…agitated with me. I do not fault her for this.

But this didn’t help:

MC: Ok, change quickly, we’re going to be late!
ThePeach: Ok! I’ll just throw my coat in my locker and…oh.
MC: What?
ThePeach: I forgot my lock.
MC: You are so useless today.

But then MC had to eat her words when she looked in her bag and realized she forgot her RUNNING SHOES.

Hahaha sucka! Bitch had to kickbox barefoot. She was afraid of tetanus and the floors were freezing, so she pranced through the hallways toward the class like a little imp, her kickity little legs lifted as high in the air as possible.

The class itself was pretty weak today. I was disappointed.

But there was one shining moment: a new move to rival the crouched running man with popeye arms.

I call it: the peewee herman dance.

If you’re impatient, start watching at the 2:30 mark.

Our instructor led us in a move almost exactly like Peewee's famed tequila dance. I tilted my hips and waved my arms about my midsection with glee. I've never been happier in my life. MC and GinBucket didn't really get it, but maybe they're a little too young to fully appreciate PeeWee.

For the record, PeeWee Herman horrifies me. But this dance gives me more happiness than I can express in words.

TigerCat and I will occasionally break into the smooth peewee moves in public places. Like shopper’s drugmart. Or bars. Ok, it’s just me…but she watches and laughs. Ok…she turns away and pretends not to know me.



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Anonymous said...

I used to have nightmares about Pee wee Herman. Man was scary! I do love that dance though. It only really works if you are wearing a grey suit and platforms. Tequila!