Monday, April 27, 2009


Two days left until I start another internship. Today, therefore, I plan to be a lazy hobo and do as little as possible. I was horizontal on my balcony as soon as the first sunbeam hit it this afternoon. I'm reading "Fugitive Pieces" by Anne Michaels and wearing a bikini. I have nothing that I have to do. Literally nothing. Life is grand.
At 2pm my old friend hunger paid me a visit. I decided to continue along today's theme of "decadence" and make a frozen pizza. Life = love. While it cooked I talked to TheNurse on msn. I gloated about my fabulous day and the gorgeous weather. I told her that in about 5 minutes, I would be eating pizza, in a bikini, on my balcony. We agreed that it was probably the best day of my life. I said 'bye' and took my gigantic pizza out of the oven. The sweet smells of garlic and cheese filled my apartment and my soul.

I cut the pizza into four massive slices. I put two on my plate and put the other two in the fridge. Then I immediately took those two pieces out of the fridge and added them to my plate. Nice try, bitch. Who are you kidding?

I grabbed the plate, walked onto the balcony and let the sunshine wash over my bare skin. Heaven. I took a deep breath and felt at one with the world. Maybe even with god.


The sounds of my freshly baked pizza sliding off my plate and landing - cheese side down - on the dirty floor of my balcony.

I stood there in shock for about five seconds; my eyes bugged out, staring at the carnage. Then I tried to scoop the pizza off my balcony floor.


The sounds of the cheese seperating from the pizza and remaining - glue-like - stuck to my balcony floor. All I held in my hand were the empty crusts of shattered dreams.



ps - I still ate it. All of it.

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