Thursday, May 07, 2009

ThePeach vs. Public Transportation

I have to take the bus to my internship every morning. It's only a 10 minute ride and it drops me off right in front of a starbucks a block away from my office. So for the first couple of days I thought I had the sweetest deal ever. A quick little jaunt downtown plus a grande Pike's Place? Yes, this works for me.

But as the week went on and I got progressively more exhausted and grumpy, my bus ride became less of a sweet deal. I started noticing people's smells. Like the girl beside me yesterday who smelled like scalp. And then I started getting pissed off by people who spend the entire ride talking on their cell phones. Like the teenager on Tuesday who was having the following convo with someone:

LittleBitch: UhHUH, YAH. YAH. We were together for eighteen days.
LittleBitch: UhHUH. We, like, were so in love, you know?
LittleBitch: YAH. Don't woooorry, I'm going to, like, get custody or something. UhHUH.
LittleBitch: He'll probably take me back after I, like, have the baby. YAH.

I resisted the temptation to tell her she missed the stop for degrassi street. Little bitch.

Ok, so anyway...where was I?

Right. The bus was starting to suck a little. It didn't help that this morning it was rainy and humid and the bus smelled like a sock. Also, I was really exhausted and extra grumpy. I was listening to my iPod but even that wasn't helping. But then...I discovered something wonderful.

I call it "the in my mind super crazy underwear bedroom dance party." And it helped. See, I do my bedroom. I dance like I'm warped on qualuudes. In my underwear. While listening to bad pop music. It always cheers me up. And today I focused really, really hard and visualized myself dancing while I was on the bus, and - miracle - I no longer wanted to leave cut marks up my arms.

Ah yes. "The in my mind super crazy underwear bedroom dance party" saved the day. I sound crazy?



quackattack said...

Come visit me ... soon ... we can have underwear dance parties together! :D

Miss you, you fabulous bitch! xoxo

stewie said...

Not unless I'm crazy too! I think it's time for a sexy party! :)

Billy said...

An event on the Capital City public transportation system actually caused a friend of mine to buy a car he had survived without for over 5 years. The event?

He sat in pee on a bus.

The moral of this story?

Watch where you sit. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Billy.

That's disgusting. I'd probably vomit, but then someone else would have to watch where they sat, too.

Anonymous said...

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