Thursday, June 11, 2009

He's just not that into you. And by you, I mean your story.

Being a journalist is a lot like being a sad, stereotypical single girl.

- Some days you don't get dressed.
- You spend all day sitting by the phone, begging for it to ring.
- Constant rejection.
- You refresh your email every 3 seconds in the hopes that someone wrote back to you.
- When the phone does finally ring, it's your mom.
- When you get desperate, you're ok with letting yourself be used. I'm talking to you, PR.
- Everytime you enter your apartment, the first thing you look for is the flash of your answering machine. Second thing you look for is your cat/ice cream/box of wine.
- You cry when the bitch in your voicemail tells you that you have no new messages.
- You convince yourself that the man dodging your interviews might just be really busy/having a bad day/is out of town.
- You smoke, drink, and wonder how you got here.

I'm writing two large feature articles right now and it's making me a little loco. Haven't slept, am living off coffee and brown rice, and NO ONE WILL CALL ME BACK.


Deadlines. Always a hoot.



Sonya said...

O-M-G. You're exactly right. Hadn't thought of this before.

And going back to a source for a second story - it's like initiating a second date! You're not sure what they thought of you last time, after the story came out, and you're worried that don't actually want to speak to you again.

The Science Manly said...

Not really ... we a bunch of hoe's

Hotmess said...

Dear god you just wrote my life story. That resonated way too much. And now I shall shamelessly continue my PR job for the day. Perhaps even plug my work on Facebook.

Do you think when we graduate we will be less pathetic? I need a ray of hope in sight.