Thursday, June 04, 2009

Oh hey I'm crazy now

Day 3 of no work/no human contact/no reason to leave apartment:

I finally did my spring cleaning. At 2:00am. There's nothing quite like sweeping up cat hair, mopping the floors, and rearranging furniture in new pleasing ways in the middle of the goddamn night.

So, I have a clean apartment for the first time since...I moved in. The cost? Sanity.

I'm waiting for the midnight madness sale on WestJet, which starts at midnight mountain time, 2am my time. I guess there are worse ways to kill time than cleaning.

Unexpected perk: the fumes from Mr. Clean with bleach are more potent after midnight.

I'm like a gremlin, but instead of setting things on fire and killing people I perform household chores.



Sonya said...

I just heard Amy clap/squeal.

Did you get the seat sale???

The Peach said...

They only had frigging sales on flights to Winnipeg. So, sadly I did not. I'll try again tonight.

Cleavage said...

I think you're a Brownie if you clean up in the dead of the night. That's what I seem to remember of the creepy 'how we began' story in girl guides...brownies come into your house at night to clean it up when you're naughty and don't lend a hand.