Sunday, June 28, 2009

ThePeach goes to White Rock; Her Soul Sings

I'm currently on WeeOne's couch in her beautiful White Rock condo. My mom and I took the bus down here yesterday and spent the day sightseeing, and then - like a gracious daughter - I put her on the bus home so I could spend my night getting high and eating cheese.

First off, it has to be said that White Rock is like paradise. The beach, the mountains, the trees...gah. I feel like I'm in "Twilight," but with more sunshine and less vampire. I may never leave.

Last night was the quintessential west coast night. It was everything that I love about life. I may have to move here.

It started by putting on some comfier clothes. WeeOne and I both walked out of our bedrooms wearing head to toe lulu. Perfect.

Then we walked to a wooded park and smoked some BC pot in the grass. Then we wandered over to her "thinking spot" to contemplate life and look at the ocean, mountains, and sky. We touched the grass and agreed that the world was beautiful. We danced home to the music in our hearts. Then we ordered sushi. Then we walked to pick it up in a light misty rain. Our hair curled. Then we walked back home and ate all of the sushi, moaning in pleasure the entire time. It was the best culinary experience of my life. Then we smoked out of WeeOne's new pipe, which I had helped her pick out at a smoke shop downtown. Then we listened to the rain. Then we watched 3 back to back episodes of Canada's Next Top Model and discussed fashion and time travel.

In conclusion, I am a BC cliche. It is wonderful.



Anonymous said...

See? Didn't I tell you? You belong here, too! :P

Cleavage said...

Love. Miss you both so much, but love living vicariously through you.

the other gay said...

I love men with blue eyes! Good choice on your future husband. :)

the other gay said...

...oops. That comment was supposed to be for your previous post. If you want to delete that. And then this. I could repost it on the appropriate post. Meh :)