Wednesday, June 03, 2009

ThePeach is a good worker

I’m supposed to be working from home now. I'm really behind on my deadlines, so it's imperative that I'm extremely productive this week.

Here’s how today went down:

8:00am: alarm goes off
8:02am: hit snooze
8:03am: cat expresses hunger by licking vigorously at my left armpit.
8:04am: ignore cat, put arms under blanket, turn off alarm.
10:30am: oops.
11:00am: sit down at computer for full day of productivity.
11:15am: eat a second breakfast.
11:45am: oh hey, TheAmazon is on facebook chat.
11:45am-2:30pm: look up flights to Portugal with TheAmazon. Discuss the trip we would like to take. Decide to refer to Lisbon as Lisbion from henceforth. Excited for a Lisbion adventure. Decide to book flights on weekend.
3:00-5:00pm: walk downtown to buy cat food and return movies to Blockbuster. Stop in two travel agencies to discuss upcoming Lisbiona bonanza. They do not help me, as I am master of the internet and already know more secrets than they do. I should probably work for budget travel.
5:30pm: Bored. Decide to make early bird special dinner.
6:30pm: Feel hefty. Decide to go for jog.
6:45pm-8:00pm: Regret choice. Hate life. Burp garlic pasta and try not to vomit in water fountain. Run like a greased pig.
8:00pm: Oh hey, Canada’s Next Top Model is on.
9:00pm: I should really paint my toenails.
9:30pm: I should really see what’s new on the internet.
9:35pm: Oh my god, they made a literal music video for Total Eclipse of the Heart. Watch three times. Send to friends. Discover a whole library of literal music videos on youtube.

10:30pm: Shit, I’ve really wasted my day. Watch Total Eclipse of the Heart two more times.
10:45-11:30pm: Actually do work.
11:35pm: Oh hey, TheNurse is on msn.

And now I think I’ll go to bed.

11:45pm: video one more time.*sings* And I've joined the glee club of the damned! (reference joke!)

I may need to disable my internet.



The Science Manly said...


WOW, I think I just blew a funny fuse

Andréanne Baribeau said...

This is awesome... I have tears in my eyes!

matthewtheunhumbled said...

but what the hell is the reference?