Monday, June 01, 2009

Where's my housecoat at?

Ola, senoritas!

It’s 10:30am on a Monday, and you know what I’m NOT doing? Fear-sweating in an office downtown, wishing I could pull my work-thong out of my work-pants-induced wedgie, and gargling with Starbucks.

That’s right, my month of legitimate internships is OVAH. And I’m celebrating by wearing pyjamas until noon, getting my life back in order, and sipping my coffee at a normal pace – like a respectable addict.

Although I must say that I really hearted my last week of work. The editors decided to try me out on the Arts and Lifestyle desk, and I managed to pump out 6 articles with titles like: “Archie Andrews to Marry Veronica Lodge; Betty Heartbroken,” “Why do we care about Jon and Kate Plus Eight?” and “Much a-twitter about celebrities.” Happiness, my friends, is being encouraged to write jokes into your pieces, being allowed to use your vocabulary for once (I used the word ‘titular’ – TITULAR!), and sitting with people who would much rather talk about season 4 of “Weeds” than bankruptcy protection plans.

And apparently they liked me, too, because I’ve been offered some freelance lifestyle work for the summer. Life = love.

So, now I’m back to working from home on my other two internships. You know, the ones I’ve completely neglected for the past month and am probably fired from, but have been too afraid to check my gmail to find out. On a sidenote, I’m sorry if any of you tried to contact me through gmail.

I have a fair amount of work to weed through this week, but that’s about all I have planned. I’m pretty stoked about not having to take the bus again. Or leave the apartment for a while.

In fact, the only reason I need to leave the apartment at all this week is to buy cat food.

Wow. The slope to crazy cat lady was so slippery and steep that I didn’t even know I was falling until I reached the bottom.

This can’t be good.



Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on the freelance work!
Find that niche, crawl into it, and cling on for dear life! :P

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