Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Another heart-warming father daughter moment

My dad picked me up for lunch on my birthday. On the way to the restaurant he asked me about my love life. I think he felt bad about his previous insistence that, without FauxHawk, I would die alone. This had been his favourite suggestion for the past 3 months, and one he hinted at in all of our interactions. So I think this line of questioning was him trying to be supportive. Guess how that went?

Dad: So, any guys chasing you?
ThePeach: Uh…yeah. I guess. A few.
Dad: A few??
ThePeach: Well, yeah.
Dad: The boys like you, eh?
ThePeach: *awkward laugh*
Dad: They do, don’t they?
ThePeach: I…no? Yes?
Dad: See, everyone always thinks that boys just want the hot girls. The really attractive ones. But it’s not always true! Sometimes they want the smart girls, like you! That Master’s degree is going to really help you out, I think.
ThePeach: …

*whimpers* Daddy.


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Anonymous said...

You should ask him if any ladies are chasing him ... wait, no, don't. Save yourself that scarring. :S