Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ThePeach skips sleep; doesn’t skip talking

I’m on thin ice with my thesis supervisor.

When she called me into her office for a meeting last week, I knew it wasn’t going to be good. The second I received her brusque email requesting a meeting that morning, I broke into a fear-sweat. My eyes watered with tears. My stomach lurched.

Time for a fistin’.

It had already been a rough week, what with the OSAP audit, the piles of work I haven’t been able to get to, and that nagging faintness that makes me do things like end my TA sessions 30 minutes early so I can go lie down in the dark and dry heave in peace.

So, if my life was going down the crapper, I knew that this meeting was going to be the black plunger that pushed me further down a drain of watery feces.


Long story short, the meeting consisted of me sitting silently with tears running down my face while my supervisor calmly told me that I was a disappointment.

No big deal.

So today I had to drop off an assignment to her. I hadn’t slept all weekend in order to finish it, so I was feeling a little…oh…special.

I was in her office for a maximum of 45 seconds. Here is what came out of my mouth:

Supervisor: *giant plastered-on smile* Ooook, this looks just fine. Just fine. Good. Good.
ThePeach: *stares dully into her eyes* You look scared of me.
Supervisor: Um what?
ThePeach: *deadpan voice* You look scared of me.
Supervisor: …no…I’m just glad you’re back on the ball.
ThePeach: *eye twitch* Thank you for kicking my ass.
Supervisor: …well…I tried to be gentle about it.
ThePeach: *scary calm voice* Yes. You kicked my ass gently.

And then no one said anything and I decided to make my graceful exit.

I think that went really well.


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