Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ThePeach hits rock bottom; regrets all those holiday Lattes

Today my credit card was declined in a No Frills grocery store.

No Frills, people. That’s literally the lowest grocery store in the food chain, just barely above the food bank and a squeak below Walmart.

Declined, trying to buy no-name eggnog and breakfast sausages for my sister.

Thank god I went to dollarama before No Frills, or Cockdoc wouldn’t be getting his Christmas present.

Tis the season to lie in the dark wondering what happened to your life.

Falalalala lalala la.



soup na(t)zi said...

Can I please mail you a surprise bag? Send me your address :)

The Peach said...

Um yes please. Send me your email. Surprise bag!

soup na(t)zi said...

I asked AsianCymbals to email this to you b/c I didn't know if you got notified of comments on your bloggo, this post being olderish and such...either way, hopefully you get this msg as I don't think she actually contacted you yet re me.
jkotsopoulos@gmail.com :)