Monday, January 04, 2010

Back to school: Day 1

It's the first day of my last semester, and already I:

- slept through my alarm for 90 minutes
- got a threatening call from Rogers about my late bill payment
- tried to sign up for cardio kickboxing ($45)
- had my credit card declined trying to sign up for cardio kickboxing
- used a friend's credit card to sign up for cardio kickboxing
- ate Kraft Dinner. Entire box. Spirals. Sometimes a bitch has to treat herself.
- spent the entire day making phone calls for a story. No one called back until 5 minutes before my 6pm class started.
- Ate a small ham sandwich for dinner.
- shit my pants when my professor brought up how many "heart-breaking" factual errors were in our last batch of assignments. Can't be sure, but am fairly certain she made eye contact with me.
- did phone interviews all night.
- considered drowning my bitch of a cat when he howled through my entire interviews. Working from home. Not ideal. Here, kitty.
- don't have time for life.

Gah. Why. No. Stop the madness.


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