Friday, January 01, 2010

A good start

Did I really...

Ring in the new year with a Cherokee Indian, get up on a stripper stage and let a stripper ride me from behind, get two lap dances from a stripper named Stella, make out with Spaz at midnight, eat and then vomit poutine, do shots of jack daniels in order to get a beaded necklace from a man with an afro, fall face first into MCs door, almost get kicked out of a cab from Spaz smoking in it, and wake up with a purse full of 50 hand-rolled contraband cigarettes?

And this is all I can remember right now. I'm sure more will come to me when I finally sober up.

Happy 2010. I need some advil.



Anonymous said...

Steeeeelllllaaaaaaa! Steeeeeeeellllllaaaaaaa! This is what I remember yelling at you on the phone at around 2 am. Happy New Years, indeed!


Hotmess said...

I was so high I repeatedly punched my friend in the face so he's pass out and let me steer the car.

How did we stay alive another year?

Hotmess said...

And after almost two years of J-School I still haven't learnt how to proof read.

*he'd pass out*