Sunday, January 10, 2010

The joys of facebook; life

I wrote a quick status update this morning on facebook. I’ve been working on some freelance articles and have been struggling with writer’s block (or “I’m lazy and obviously need to watch 12 episodes of The L Word”-block), so I wrote a joke-ish update about how much I’ve been procrastinating:

I've washed the dishes, cooked everything in the fridge, cut the cat's nails, gone through my banking statements, updated my ipod, organized my recycling...I guess it's time to start writing. Unless you think of anything else I should be doing. Is it too early for taxes?

Two people commented:

1) FauxHawk’s mother (“Yes, it is. Are you moving?”)
2) The Irish bartender from Lagos (“Visiting me?”).

All I need now is maybe an ex-boyfriend, or my own mother, or maybe Stella the stripper and the circle of awkward will be complete.

Seriously, facebook.