Monday, February 01, 2010

I asked for this.

January 31, 2010: I miss the good old days, when only my ex-boyfriend's mother, or old one night stands from Lagos used to post comments.

I was agitated after the whole ex step father message debacle of yesterday. After some thought I just deleted the entire post so that the world wouldn't have to see my dirty laundry. Then I went out for dinner with my grandpa.

We had a great time. We went to a greek restaurant in the south end of the city and came out smelling like we'd sucked on garlic cloves for the past 2 hours. It was tasty, and it took my mind off my facebook woes.

When I got home, since I'd deleted my last status update, I made a new one:

ThePeach just had the perfect date. He picked me up, he brought me a dozen muffins, he paid for dinner, he talked local politics, and he dropped me off with a kiss. He's my grandpa. Can I bring him to prom?

Less than an hour later I got my first and only comment:

I am still hoping...
- FauxHawk's Mom.

Come ON. COME ON!! JESUS! FUCK! Seriously, universe??!!

Hoping for what, exactly? I think this can only mean one thing. Hoping that I keep waiting around FauxHawk to change his mind, and keep myself available as a uterine vessel for her grand-jews.


Fuck off. I need to do a mass facebook delete. All ex-lovers, ex-step-fathers, ex-step-aunts, ex-one-nighters, ex-almost -mother-in-laws, ex-almost-sister-in-laws, ex-almost-niece-inlaws, ex-everything need to get to stepping.

I'm only one person. One little person, at that. I have enough drama on a daily basis for 6 full-sized people, and each of them would have a great story.

My brain can't take much more.

Is 8am too early for a little boxed wine?



Claire Brownell said...

Yeesh... I think that's the point where you delete her off facebook. Old people should be required to take a social networking etiquette course before they're allowed to make a profile.

quackattack said...

Yeah, I think a purge at this point would be pretty cathartic.

Cleavage said...

I'm going to find it really hard to keep from replying to her comments with friendly things like 'Shut up ho! You raised a FOOOOOOL and nobody dun want your opinion!' if you leave her as a friend, so maybe it *is* time for a purge...or at the very least some serious privacy settings.

kaponetwo said...

I like you and your blog Peach.

Delete anyone who says things that make you feel bad.

Anonymous said...

ups sorry delete plz [url=].[/url]

jb said...

This is why I don't do facebook , it upsets your friends, invariably pisses off women/girlfriends..but in the end, it's been the better choice. If I want contact, you have my email.

jb said...

Ps. We're not acquainted. That was an opinionated/rant type of comment.BTW, medical students don't warm too readily to journalism students looking to display their recently acquired skills. Pedantic and pretentious don't mix with love.

Anonymous said...


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