Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ThePeach can still run like the wind. Maybe more like a gentle breeze.

Good news, sexies!

I haven’t destroyed my body nearly as much as I’d thought.

Running has, oddly enough, become a fairly important part of my life in the last few years. I still loathe exercise, but there’s something about running that connects with me. I like the solitude of it – it gives me time to think, and clear my head, and sometimes even have insights and smart-person ideas that just don’t come to me when I’m in the fetal position on the couch. I wrote most of my thesis based on ideas that came to me during long runs along the canal in CapitalCity, for instance.

I love the routine of it. I love finding a route with landmarks, so that I can map out exactly how many kilometres I’ve run so far, and how many I have to go before I get home again. But I also like the spontaneity – finding new neighbourhoods, new parks, new hobos.

Running takes away the suicides and the lingering by the knife drawer habit and makes me loving again. Or as loving as I can be, anyway. When I come back from a run, after I’ve showered, I usually want to either accomplish things, or have sex and then accomplish things. BadInfluence encourages my running as much as he can without dipping into the dangerous zone of making me think he thinks I should exercise because I’m fat and he doesn’t love me anymore AND I’LL KILL YOU, BASTARD.

It’s a fine line.

I hate running on treadmills. Treadmills make me want to punch puppies. When I run outside, I get fresh air in my lungs. When I run outside in TheBigCity, once I get through the exhaust fumes and urine clouds, there’s actual nature to be consumed. And running alongside nature makes me feel like a person-person again, instead of a mole-person.

In short, running is important to me.

And like most things important to me, such as friends, family, nutrition and grooming myself, running has been abandoned since I started working at TheBigNewspaper.

Who the fuck has time for that racket. Really.

Today I hit a low point. I’ve been missing BadInfluence, and the weather has been ass, and the internets weren’t cooperating – have I mentioned that my entire job is running the internets? – and I’ve been super exhausted from another week of 7am start-times and 5pm end-times, and I basically hated life. My colleague brought his wife, baby son and a Tupperware container of Halloween-decorated cupcakes into the office, and I essentially ploughed down his family to get at the dessert. Elbows out, feet lifted high, like I was caught in a stampede.

Bitch needed sugar. Baby was in the way.

After licking orange icing off my face, I decided I should call it a day. I tramped home in my high heels, all hatey and sugar-coated, when the sun came out for the first time since Friday. I noticed that it was unseasonably warm for late October, which I now know is due to a massive “weather-bomb” of storms and possible tornados headed our way.

But still. Sunshine.

That’s all it took. I squeezed into my old running spandex (still fits, thank you stress for burning all calories I take in), strapped on my knee brace for good measure, and hit the sidewalk.

Ten minutes later I was running along the lakeshore and had my stride back.

The question now is: am I loving, or do I want to accomplish things?

I just put in a load of laundry. Maybe I’m done.

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Anonymous said...

Put in a load of washing AND updated your blog.. must be accomplishing things.

No lovin' today..

or maybe it is love.. for your readers :)